150+ Snorkeling Captions, Quotes, & Puns for Instagram

Did you just come back from your vacation with tons of pictures of your snorkeling adventures, but no captions to go along with them? We’ve got you covered!

In this article, you can select from over 150 pre-written snorkeling captions, puns, and quotes so that you can spend your energy planning your next vacation, and less time wracking your brain for social media likes.

Happy Snorkeling Captions

Snorkeling Captions

  • Lost in a world of underwater wonder.
  • Finding Nemo, one snorkel at a time.
  • Mermaid vibes in full swing today.
  • Bubble kisses and coral wishes.
  • Waves above, peace below. Snorkeling days are the best, you know!
  • Painting my dreams with every shade of blue.
  • Dancing with the fishes, feeling all the oceanic blisses.
  • Nature’s aquarium, all for me!
  • Under the sea is where I truly feel free.
  • If life’s a beach, then snorkeling is my jam!
  • Today’s palette: hues of ocean blues and sparkling rays.
  • To snorkel is to discover a world of silent symphonies.
  • Flirting with starfish today.
  • Ocean treasures and sun-soaked pleasures!
  • No heels, just fins. That’s my kind of day!
  • Breathing underwater and feeling just like a sea daughter.
  • Sunkissed skin, ocean within.
  • Chasing coral dreams and riding the sunbeam!
  • Every snorkel dive is a dive into happiness.
  • Heartbeat syncs with the sea when I’m snorkeling free.
  • Dive in, dream big, feel the ocean’s loving embrace!
  • My soul sparkles best under the sea’s chest.
  • Wave hello to my underwater fam!
  • Aquaholic on duty: Swimming with the fishes & loving every minute!
  • Today, the ocean told me a thousand stories.
  • Bubbles, ripples, and joy – oh my!
  • Today’s to-do list: 1. Snorkel 2. Smile 3. Repeat.
  • With every snorkel dip, my worries seem to slip.
  • Underwater wonderland, take my hand.
  • If you need me, I’ll be where the corals gleam and fishes team!
  • Splashes of joy and dives of delight!
  • Nature’s silent disco – with fishes and corals, bright and beautiful!
  • The tango with tangs, the waltz with the waves.
  • The sea and me, an endless love spree.
  • Snorkeling – where I find my oceanic muse!
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight, but that was before I saw the coral reef.
  • Beneath the waves, I find countless ways to be amazed.
  • Float, flutter, and fly – this is snorkeling, oh my!
  • One dip, countless sips of oceanic euphoria.
  • Submerged in wonder, rising with joy!
  • Sun on my skin, sea in my heart. Snorkeling days are pure art.
  • The ocean’s song, all day long.
  • In deep waters, I found shallow worries simply scatter.
  • To the ocean, with love and a snorkel.
  • Fishes for wishes, corals for stories. Ocean’s magic in all its glories!
  • Swimming with Neptune’s jewels today.
  • Living my mermaid dreams, one snorkel at a time.
  • Sea treasures and snorkeling pleasures, always!

Inspirational Snorkeling Captions

what size snorkel fin do i need

  • Dive deep, dream deeper. The ocean’s wonders await.
  • Snorkeling: where every breath reveals a new marvel.
  • With each dive, I uncover the universe beneath the waves.
  • The sea whispers tales of old, and I’m here to listen.
  • Beneath these waters lie stories waiting to be told.
  • Let the current guide you, let the beauty surprise you.
  • Every ripple, every shade of blue, inspires anew.
  • The best treasures aren’t gold, but the secrets the ocean holds.
  • Today’s adventure: dancing with the fishes, learning the sea’s wishes.
  • Immersed in the ocean’s embrace, I find unparalleled grace.
  • There’s wisdom in the waves and lessons in the deep.
  • Float, explore, adore – the ocean’s ever-shifting lore.
  • Where feet may fail, the heart finds its way in the vast ocean’s sway.
  • The silence below speaks louder than the noise above.
  • Dive with purpose, rise with insights.
  • In the heart of the ocean, I find my serenity and devotion.
  • Nature’s mysteries unfold with every snorkel’s hold.
  • The ocean and I, in a timeless lullaby.
  • Exploring the deep, I awaken dreams that were asleep.
  • Every snorkel dive is a reminder of the magic that’s alive.
  • With fins on my feet and wonder in my heart, I make oceanic art.
  • The sea’s silent symphony fills me with boundless glee.
  • Discovering underwater realms, with a snorkel as my helm.
  • Where land meets sea, my spirit truly feels free.
  • Inhale wonder, exhale doubt. That’s what snorkeling’s all about.
  • Dive in with curiosity, resurface with stories.
  • The ocean’s depths hide tales untold; with each dive, they unfold.
  • Into the blue, I find a world both vast and true.
  • Ocean’s embrace, sun’s gentle face, snorkeling takes me to that special place.
  • The waves may change, but the wonder remains.
  • Snorkeling deep, where memories and dreams seep.
  • Submerged in the sea’s serenity, I find pure authenticity.
  • In the heart of the waves, I find a world that truly craves discovery.
  • A world of wonder, just a dive under.
  • The magic of the sea beckons endlessly to me.
  • Finding beauty beneath, where the sea and soul meet.
  • Guided by the tide, inspired from inside.
  • Amidst the corals and the blue, I rediscover the world and renew.
  • As the waters hold me tight, my spirit takes flight.
  • Deep dives, deeper reflections. The ocean’s lessons are perfection.
  • Letting the waves be my guide, in the deep blue I confide.
  • Snorkeling: my gateway to nature’s grand display.
  • The ocean’s vastness reminds me of endless possibilities.
  • Trust the journey, treasure the discovery.
  • Lost in the sea’s embrace, found in its wondrous space.
  • Dancing with marine life, away from daily strife.
  • From the surface to the deep, there’s a promise the oceans keep.
  • Embracing the sea’s hues, letting go of life’s blues.
  • Every dip in the ocean renews my devotion to exploration.
  • In the silent ballet of the deep, I find promises I intend to keep.

Humorous Snorkeling Captions

why does snorkel mask cover your nose

  • Went snorkeling today. Mermaids, where you at?
  • Channeled my inner fish today, but I’m still a snack.
  • Tried to join a fish squad today. They swam away. Awkward.
  • Not Ariel, but still killing the snorkeling game.
  • If fish could laugh, I’d be their favorite comedian underwater.
  • Today’s achievement: Snorkeled. Didn’t drown. Win.
  • Practicing to be a mermaid. How am I doing?
  • Dived deep, got tangled in seaweed. Mermaid training’s going well.
  • Took a dive and realized fishes are way better at this.
  • If snorkeling is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • Do fish ever look at snorkelers and think, “What are those?!”
  • Tried to find Nemo. Ended up with a mouthful of saltwater.
  • Rocked the snorkel look today. Vogue, I’m waiting.
  • Why walk when you can snorkel?
  • Deep-sea thoughts: Do fishes gossip about snorkelers?
  • Went snorkeling. Didn’t find Atlantis. Still a great day.
  • Today’s agenda: Pretend to be a mermaid and hope fish believe me.
  • Learned a new language today: Fish-talk.
  • Looking for a support group: Addicted to snorkeling.
  • Making waves, mostly by flailing around with my snorkel.
  • Fishes be like: “Oh look, another snorkeling tourist.”
  • Swam into a school of fish. Do they charge tuition?
  • Snorkeling: Breathing underwater and not looking cool doing it.
  • Tried making fish friends today. Need to work on my underwater charisma.
  • Fish probably: “There she goes, pretending to be one of us again.”
  • Went snorkeling. Mermaid status: Still pending.
  • If fish could take selfies, they’d snap one with me.
  • Did some deep-sea pondering. Why don’t mermaids wear snorkels?
  • Pro tip: Don’t laugh while snorkeling. Salty!
  • Today’s mission: Snorkel without freaking out the fish.
  • Who needs therapy when there’s snorkeling?
  • If you need me, I’ll be down below, embarrassing myself.
  • Got salt in my mouth and seaweed in my hair. Call me the snorkeling queen.
  • Tried to race a fish. Spoiler: I lost.
  • Making bubbles and taking names.
  • Today in snorkeling: Saw a fish, did a twirl, living my best mermaid life.
  • Wanted: Fish friends who appreciate my snorkel style.
  • Splashed, snorkeled, and accidentally swallowed the ocean.
  • One step closer to my mermaid transformation.
  • Hey fish, stop showing off. I get it, you’re better at this.
  • Go snorkeling, they said. It’ll be graceful, they said.
  • Under the sea, trying to blend in, and failing spectacularly.
  • Whoever said snorkeling was easy obviously hasn’t seen me do it.
  • So, do fish ever snorkel on land? Just wondering.
  • Just waiting for a fish to ask for my autograph.
  • Underwater spy reporting for duty! Top secret mission: Snorkel without tripping.
  • Perfecting the art of making fish look at me like I’m weird.
  • If fish gave out superlatives, I’d be “Most Likely to Snorkel Into Something”.

Snorkeling Puns

why is snorkeling tiring

  • Sea-crets whispered to me today, in bubbles and waves.
  • Sea-ing the world from a different angle today!
  • Peek-a-blue! Sea what I see?
  • I’m not shore what I love more – snorkeling or beaches!
  • I’m o-fish-ally addicted to snorkeling.
  • Feeling positively buoyant after today’s snorkel sesh.
  • Getting tanked underwater. Breathing has never been this fun!
  • Trying to find my porpoise in life, one snorkel at a time.
  • I’m a sucker for a good snorkel – just ask any octopus!
  • Seaweeds and me? We kelp each other out during snorkeling trips.
  • Snorkeling? Water you waiting for?
  • I’ve got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one.
  • It’s reel fun snorkeling down here.
  • I’m shore you’d love snorkeling too, if you tried!
  • If you don’t like snorkeling puns, wave goodbye.
  • Not feeling salty, just snorkeling!
  • Turtley in love with snorkeling.
  • Shell-ebrating good times with the besties!
  • I told a fish a joke while snorkeling. He was hooked!
  • Breathing underwater? Now that’s some-fin special!
  • This snorkeling trip is o-fish-ially a success!
  • “Water” you thinking? Snorkeling is fin-tastic!
  • I shore am glad I took the dive today.
  • Just floating some puns by you from my snorkeling adventure!
  • If life’s a beach, then snorkeling is the treasure.
  • Go with the flow, especially if it leads to snorkeling.
  • I was mer-made for snorkeling!
  • In deep water with these puns, but wouldn’t have it any other wave.
  • “Sea”s the day with a snorkel in hand.
  • I’ve got mussels from snorkeling – and I’m not talking about the shellfish!
  • Snorkeling is no drop in the ocean, it’s the whole sea-nsational experience!
  • Reef-reshing my love for the ocean with every snorkel.
  • Getting my fill of vitamin sea and D today.

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