95 Octopus Puns, Captions, & Sayings for Instagram

Did you manage to snap a few awesome photographs of or with octopuses during your recent vacation? Sweet!

But before you upload those pictures to Instagram, how about coming up with a spiffy caption to go along with them? 

Not to worry, look below to find 95 done-for-you captions that would go swimmingly with your octopus photos.

Octopus Captions

octopus captions for instagram

  1. Chillin’ with my eight-armed buddy today.
  2. Eight arms, and still couldn’t handle my Monday!
  3. Found this beauty while snorkeling, and now I’m lowkey obsessed.
  4. Seriously considering an octopus tattoo after today’s dive!
  5. Met this cutie in the deep blue. Best. Day. Ever.
  6. Who needs filters when the ocean gives you these colors?!
  7. Snorkeling and ran into this eight-legged friend.
  8. Who cares about unicorns when octopuses exist.
  9. This octopus looks like he’s about to ink me.
  10. Finally found something that gives better hugs than me.
  11. Feeling eight times more adventurous today.
  12. Okay but… this octopus just won at hide and seek.
  13. Aliens are real, and they are called octopuses.
  14. Brb, joining this octopus’s underwater squad.
  15. Could’ve watched this beauty all day. Nature’s charm is real!
  16. Who needs mimosas when you can have morning dives with these guys?
  17. Just your regular mermaid moments with my octo-pal.
  18. So, how do I apply for the octopus fan club?
  19. Eight arms and he still couldn’t text back… 
  20. If I could be any sea creature, it’d be this one right here.
  21. Embracing the art of camouflaging like this guy during awkward situations.
  22. Majestic, mysterious, and oh-so-marvelous.
  23. Today’s mood: Dreamy drifts with my octo-friend.
  24. Channeling my inner sea goddess with my cephalopod companion.
  25. Color me octopus. The ocean’s real artist.
  26. Can someone teach me how to change colors on mood like Mr. Octopus here?
  27. Octopus sighted, heart delighted!
  28. Another day, another dive, another octo-buddy.
  29. Sending octo-hugs your way!
  30. Beauty beneath the waves. Totally worth the salty hair.
  31. Living for these sea secrets and tentacle tales.
  32. Took a dive, found an octo-bae.
  33. Imagine if we had eight arms. Shopping would be so much more fun!
  34. In my next life, I’m coming back as an octopus.
  35. Did you know? Octopuses have three hearts. And I’m in love with all of them.
  36. Life goal: Being as cool as this octopus.
  37. I swear, the ocean has the best color palette ever.
  38. Hiding from Monday like this octopus from predators.
  39. Octopuses are friends, not food!
  40. I’m sorry for eating your friends so often, little guy.

Octopus Puns

octopus by the corals

  1. Tentacle-tally awesome!
  2. You octopi my thoughts!
  3. Feeling ink-vincible today!
  4. Octo-push the boundaries!
  5. Kraken me up!
  6. I’m all arms today!
  7. I’m totally suckered into this!
  8. Legs for days…all eight of them!
  9. Ink about it for a second.
  10. Squid pro quo!
  11. Octo-mazing vibes only!
  12. You’re ink-redible!
  13. Squid you not!
  14. Eight times the fun!
  15. Feeling octoptimistic!
  16. Squeeze the day!
  17. Taking life one tentacle at a time.
  18. Octo-be or not octo-be?
  19. Ink-side out!
  20. Eight’s a party!
  21. Keep calm and ink on!
  22. In a tight squeeze? Hug it out!
  23. Leg-endary moments!
  24. Got my sea-legs on!
  25. Inked and fabulous!
  26. Seas the day with all eight arms!
  27. Just a splash of ink!
  28. Feeling a bit tentacly today.
  29. Cephalo-party in the deep blue!
  30. Inking of you!

Funny Octopus Sayings

small octopus in man's hand

  1. Why did the octopus blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!
  2. How do octopuses make their favorite drink? Squid and tonic!
  3. Why did the octopus cross the road? To get to the other tide!
  4. What do you get when you cross an octopus with a pirate? An ink-redible sea villain!
  5. How do you make an octopus laugh? With ten-tickles!
  6. What do you call an octopus magician? An inkchanter!
  7. Why was the octopus great at school? It could hold eight textbooks at once.
  8. How did the octopus beat the shark? It was well armed!
  9. What did the octopus say during a fight? “You wanna tangle?”
  10. Why was the octopus such a great detective? It always had an inkling of the truth.
  11. How does an octopus like its toast? Lightly inked!
  12. Why was the octopus always calm? It knew how to go with the flow!
  13. What’s an octopus’s favorite month? Octo-ber!
  14. Why was the octopus so musical? It knew the scales inside out!
  15. Why did the octopus like to paint? It had a flair for brush strokes!
  16. Why did the octopus become a lifeguard? It had a lot of hands-on experience!
  17. What does an octopus say during a boring story? “Can I ink-terrupt?”
  18. Why was the octopus good at multitasking? It always had a hand, or eight, free!
  19. Why did the octopus dislike writing? Too much inkvolved!
  20. Why is the octopus always ready for a fight? It’s always well-armed!
  21. Why was the octopus a great baker? It loved to whip and mix with all arms!
  22. How does an octopus invite friends over? It suckers them into it.
  23. What did the octopus say when it was late? “Sorry, I got tide up!”
  24. Why did the octopus break up with its partner? It wanted space and felt a bit smothered!
  25. How do you know an octopus likes you? When it wraps its arms around you and doesn’t let you go.