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how to winterize an intex above ground pool

How to Winterize an Intex Above Ground Pool

As much as we wish for pool season to last forever, alas, all things must eventually come to an end ...
how to store an inflatable pool

How to Store an Inflatable Pool

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signs of too much chlorine in the pool

What Are the Signs of Too Much Chlorine in the Pool?

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how to keep a kiddie pool clean

How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean: Best Practices to Follow

As a parent, it can be difficult to strike that balance between letting your kid run wild and watching them ...
dog hair in pool

Dog Hair in the Pool – How to Easily Clean It All Up

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salt water pools and dogs

Is It Safe for Dogs to Swim in Saltwater Pools?

Unlike cats, dogs love to swim and jump into every body of water they see, and pools are no exception ...
Will A Swim Cap Protect Colored Hair

Will A Swim Cap Protect Colored Hair?

If you have dyed hair, you will need to go the extra mile to keep it from fading. When summer ...
Can You Go Swimming with Dyed Purple Hair?

Can You Go Swimming with Dyed Purple Hair?

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can you leave chlorine in your hair overnight

Can You Leave Chlorine in Your Hair Overnight?

There were many times when I was feeling dead tired after swim practice, to the point where I was seriously ...
saltwater vs freshwater pools

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Pools: What You Should Know

Within the last two decades, freshwater pools have declined in popularity such that saltwater pools are now the majority of ...

Open water swimming is pretty self-explanatory; it is simply swimming in any outdoor bodies of water including the open ocean, lakes, and even rivers. You can do it casually or competitively, such as in triathlons.

At the highest level, you can compete in prestigious competitions such as the FINA World Aquatics Championships, the FINA 10 km Marathon Swimming World Cup, and even at the Olympic Games. It is a discipline acknowledged across the world, as there are official events worldwide.

Wearing a wetsuit is highly recommended due to the risks involved with open water swimming. In competition, wetsuits are either permitted or restricted based on the distance of the swim and the water temperature.

In this section, we have compiled a list of all our guides related to open water swimming.