115+ Seagull Captions, Quotes, & Jokes for Instagram

Do you love watching seagulls fly over the sea and land on the sand? Do you find them cute, funny, or annoying? Whatever your opinion, you probably have some photos of these feathered friends that you want to share on Instagram.

But how do you find the right words to describe your seagull snaps? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best seagull captions for Instagram that will make your photos more interesting and engaging.

Seagull Captions

seagull captions

  1. Chasing sun, sand, and seagulls at my happy place.
  2. These seagulls must know all the beach secrets!
  3. Spending the day listening to waves and watching seagulls soar.
  4. Just another day under the sun with my feathered friends.
  5. Sandy toes and seagull shows, that’s what summer is made of!
  6. Lost in the beauty of seagulls soaring against the blue sky.
  7. Making memories with every seagull’s call.
  8. Beach days and seagull displays – can it get any better?
  9. These seagulls have that carefree spirit I admire!
  10. Life’s a beach, and these seagulls are living it to the fullest!
  11. Watching seagulls, collecting memories, and feeling blessed.
  12. These gulls? Just the locals showing me around their paradise!
  13. Sand between my toes, wind in my hair, and seagulls in the air.
  14. Finding inspiration from seagulls who know how to ride the winds.
  15. Dancing with the seagulls under the sun’s golden embrace.
  16. Beach magic: the delicate art of seagull ballet above the waves.
  17. Lessons from seagulls: Spread your wings and fly high, no matter where you are!
  18. Dreaming with open eyes as I watch seagulls paint the sky.
  19. Seagulls, sea breeze, and sweet serenity.
  20. If I could join the seagulls in their beachfront dance, I would!
  21. Living for these moments when time stands still and seagulls serenade.
  22. Every seagull has a story, and I’m here to listen.
  23. Oh, to be as free and fearless as a seagull against the ocean blue!
  24. Spent the day getting schooled by seagulls in the art of relaxation.
  25. Let’s be honest, these seagulls might be the real beach bums here!
  26. Soaking up positive vibes and seagull sights.
  27. Seagulls showing off their winged elegance, and I’m here for it!
  28. If life’s a beach, then these seagulls are the poets narrating its story.
  29. Every seagull’s glide speaks of dreams taking flight.
  30. Spreading wings and catching dreams, inspired by these beachside beauties.
  31. Found my peace watching the seagulls soar over the horizon.
  32. Sea, salt, sun, and seagulls – life’s simple pleasures.
  33. Amidst the waves and dunes, seagulls remind me to embrace freedom.
  34. Beach therapy: a little sun, sand, and seagulls.
  35. Living the seagull’s dream – free, fearless, and fabulous!
  36. Life is breezy with seagulls leading the way.
  37. Each seagull’s flight is a brushstroke on the canvas of the beach.
  38. Summer tales told by the whimsical dance of seagulls.
  39. Seagulls, the true guardians of the beach, and my heart.
  40. A day with seagulls is a day of pure joy and freedom.
  41. Here’s to wind-kissed hair, sandy feet, and playful seagulls.
  42. Letting my worries drift away as I get lost in the seagull’s song.
  43. Captivated by the effortless grace of seagulls taking to the sky.
  44. Beach time is better with seagulls setting the scene.
  45. Listening to the wisdom of the waves and tales of the seagulls.
  46. Seagulls and sunsets, the perfect end to a perfect day.
  47. Whispers of summer told by the beach and its seagulls.
  48. Mesmerized by the dance of seagulls against the endless blue.
  49. The beauty of the beach is incomplete without the charm of seagulls.
  50. Collecting sun-kissed memories and cherishing seagull symphonies.

Funny Seagull Captions

seagull by the shore

  1. Trying to get a tan, but these seagulls keep photobombing me!
  2. Decided to join the seagulls today; turns out they’re just winging it like the rest of us.
  3. If I had a chip for every time a seagull looked at me today… I’d be out of chips.
  4. Seagulls: the real beach divas stealing the show!
  5. Been trying to learn the seagull dance. Rating? 10/10 for effort!
  6. When you realize seagulls have a better beach body than you.
  7. Every seagull here thinks I run a free snack bar!
  8. I’m just here for the sun, sand, and seagull sitcoms.
  9. These seagulls have some serious winged swagger going on.
  10. If seagulls had a social media account, they’d caption their pics: “Just living my best beach life.”
  11. Here to steal the seagulls’ style. Beach chic is a thing, right?
  12. Seagulls, teaching me the art of perfecting the “beach hair, don’t care” look.
  13. Do seagulls offer flying lessons? Asking for myself.
  14. In a staring contest with a seagull. Spoiler: I lost.
  15. Trying to vibe with the seagulls, but they seem to have an exclusive beach club.
  16. Seagulls, the ultimate trendsetters of beach fashion.
  17. If life’s a beach, then seagulls are the cheeky comedians!
  18. Ever notice how seagulls always look like they’re plotting something mischievous?
  19. Wondering if seagulls critique my beach attire when I’m not looking.
  20. Seagulls: Masters of the fly-by food theft!
  21. Joined a seagull yoga session today; they’ve mastered the “Flying Pose.”
  22. If I had a fry for every seagull side-eye, I’d open a beachside diner.
  23. Found out the secret: Seagulls are just beach pigeons with a tan.
  24. When the seagulls start their chatter, you know the beach gossip is lit!
  25. Seagulls – making beaches look good and stealing your snacks since forever.
  26. Some people come to the beach for the sun. I come for the seagull stand-up comedy.
  27. Warning: Seagulls might steal your look… and your lunch.
  28. Determined to learn the language of seagulls. First phrase: “Drop that sandwich!”
  29. Those seagulls look like they’re plotting the next big beach heist.
  30. Seagulls always look like they’ve just heard the juiciest piece of beach gossip.
  31. Sunbathing goals: Get as relaxed as a seagull after a snack raid.
  32. When you’re trying to relax, but the seagulls start their aerial acrobatics show.
  33. Modeling my beach walk after the seagulls. Confidence level: Sky high!
  34. Can someone tell these seagulls I didn’t bring snacks for the whole crew?
  35. Seagulls: Turning every beach day into a surprise party!
  36. If I were as confident as these seagulls, I’d be ruling the beach by now.
  37. The seagulls seem to be having a board meeting. Wonder what’s on the agenda? More chips?
  38. Hanging with the seagulls today. Apparently, I’m not cool enough for their squad.
  39. If seagulls ran the beach, sunscreen would be replaced with chip seasoning.
  40. There’s always that one seagull who thinks he’s the king of the beach. And honestly, he kinda is.
  41. Who needs an alarm clock when you have seagulls ready to chat at dawn?
  42. These seagulls might just be the sassiest beachgoers around.
  43. Thought I was the main attraction at the beach. The seagulls proved me wrong.
  44. Seagulls always seem to have their feathery drama, and I’m here for the show!
  45. I thought my dance moves were unique until I saw the seagulls groove.
  46. Did a seagull just wink at me, or is it plotting to steal my snacks? Can’t tell.
  47. Today’s beach mood: Trying to match the confidence level of a snack-seeking seagull.
  48. Seagulls, making my beach day entertaining one swoop at a time!
  49. Contemplating starting a beach podcast: “Seagull Stories & Sandy Toes.”
  50. Who runs the beach? Seagulls. Every. Single. Time.

Seagull Jokes

seagull soaring through the air

  1. What’s a seagull’s favorite type of exercise? Beak-ram yoga!
  2. How did the seagull get its job? It winged the interview!
  3. How do you compliment a seagull’s looks? Say, “You’re looking fly!”
  4. What did the beach say to the outgoing seagull? “I shore will miss you!”
  5. Why did the seagull bring a towel to the beach? To soak up the current events!
  6. What’s a seagull’s favorite type of movie? Anything that’s a dive-in!
  7. Why did the seagull join the theater? It loved the spotlight on the sea-ne!
  8. Why was the seagull’s report card wet? Because it had high seas!
  9. What’s a seagull’s favorite type of phone? Shell-phones!
  10. Why did the seagull like cheap chips? It was a bargain hunter!
  11. What’s a seagull’s favorite snack? Fish and chirps!
  12. Why did the seagull always get good grades? Because it soared above the rest!
  13. Why did the seagull become a reporter? For the latest scoops on the sea!
  14. Why was the seagull so lonely? It didn’t have a gull friend.
  15. Why don’t seagulls fly over the bay? Because they’re seagulls, not night-gulls!

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