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Have you ever seen a video of a surfer riding a huge wave and wondered, “Man, that looks cool. I wonder if I could do that?” Well, probably not right now. But, it’s actually not that hard to get started with surfing and begin riding a smaller wave.

WIth a good instructor, using a huge board, under the right conditions, with some solid balance, you could accomplish this all on your first day. And when you do, it’ll feel amazing. The hard part is what comes after; when you’re addicted to that feeling and want to ride a bigger wave.

Once you’ve caught the surfing bug, you’ll want to surf without any supervision, get your own equipment, learn all the rules and lingo. This will be a big step forwards, and without proper guidance, you will feel overwhelmed.

Out of all the water-based board sports, surfing is arguably the most famous and easiest to get started with. That’s why we’ve written many surfing tips and tricks and compiled them all into this section. Whether you’re thinking of getting started with surfing, or you’re a casual surfer looking to improve your skills, there is sure to be a guide for you.