Sailing Guides

You don’t need to know how your car’s engine works to be able to drive the car. You just get in, insert and turn the car keys, the engine roars to life, you shift into gear, step on the gas pedal and you’re off. So when people are just getting into sailing, they think it’s probably just like driving a car.

That couldn’t be further from the case. Sailing requires you to play a more active role. Where all of the energy from the car comes from its gas or electricity, in a sailboat you have to learn how to harness the energy that moves the boat. One must have a basic understanding of the wind on the sails (aerodynamics) as well as the water underneath (hydrodynamics).

Sailing is quite complex, and there are many terms you should be aware of just to have the right vocabulary for when you speak. In this section, we have compiled all of our articles on sailing to help you learn the basics of sailing. We have also written reviews on great sailing products that all sailors should have.