Do Wetsuits Have Pockets?

You have lots of questions about wetsuits with pockets, and we have the answers. In this article, we will answer the most commonly asked questions people have regarding wetsuits and whether or not they have pockets.

Do Wetsuits Have Pockets

Do wetsuits typically have pockets?

Most standard wetsuits do not typically come with pockets. These suits are designed to be sleek and reduce drag, thus pockets could interfere with these functions. However, wetsuits designed for activities like scuba diving, where there may be a need to carry small tools or equipment, may feature pockets.

Why would a wetsuit need pockets?

Pockets in a wetsuit are useful for carrying small tools, equipment, or personal items during underwater activities. For instance, divers might need to carry a dive knife, torch, or spare mask, while surfers might want a place to put their keys or wax.

What can be stored in wetsuit pockets?

Wetsuit pockets can hold a variety of small items depending on the activity. This could include diving accessories like a small flashlight, knife, or decompression tables, and personal items such as keys or a small snack. Always be sure to only carry items that are safe and necessary for your specific water activity.

How much can wetsuit pockets hold?

The capacity of wetsuit pockets depends on their size, which varies across designs and brands. Generally, they’re made to hold small, flat items to minimize impact on swimming efficiency. They’re not designed for large or heavy items, as these could affect buoyancy and movement.

Is it safe to carry items in wetsuit pockets?

Yes, it is generally safe to carry small, light items in wetsuit pockets, provided they don’t compromise your safety or movement. Sharp items should be sheathed or covered to prevent injury or damage to the wetsuit.

How do pockets affect the performance of a wetsuit?

The presence of pockets can affect the performance of a wetsuit, potentially increasing drag or affecting buoyancy if they are large or filled with heavy items. That said, pockets designed for wetsuits are typically streamlined and positioned to minimize these impacts.

Are wetsuit pockets waterproof?

Wetsuit pockets are not typically waterproof as the wetsuit material itself is not waterproof. Items stored inside may get wet. If you need to keep something dry, consider using a waterproof bag or case.

Do all types of wetsuits (like diving, surfing, etc.) have pockets?

Not all wetsuits have pockets. Most surfing and swimming wetsuits don’t have pockets because they could create drag. Wetsuits designed for activities like scuba diving or snorkeling are more likely to have pockets for carrying equipment.

Can I add pockets to my existing wetsuit?

Yes, you can add pockets to your wetsuit, but it requires special materials and skills, and it may void any warranty on the suit. It’s often best to consult a professional or consider purchasing a wetsuit with built-in pockets.

What alternatives exist if my wetsuit doesn’t have pockets?

If your wetsuit doesn’t have pockets, you can use alternatives like a buoyancy control device (BCD) with pockets, a diving vest with pockets, or a harness. For surfers, items can be stored in a secure spot on the beach or in a waterproof case attached to the surfboard leash.

What’s the typical location of pockets on a wetsuit?

The typical location of pockets on a wetsuit is on the thighs, arms, or calves, as these areas tend to have minimal impact on movement and buoyancy. However, the placement can vary depending on the design of the wetsuit and its intended use.

Are there wetsuits with hidden or concealed pockets?

Yes, some wetsuits have hidden or concealed pockets. These are usually designed to be as flat and streamlined as possible to minimize impact on performance. They might be hidden inside the wetsuit or under flaps of neoprene.

How can I ensure that items in my wetsuit pockets don’t get lost during activities?

Ensure items in your wetsuit pockets don’t get lost by using pockets with secure closures like zippers or Velcro. Some pockets may also have internal loops or clips to secure items. Always check that pockets are properly closed before entering the water.

Are the pockets in a wetsuit easy to access while in water?

The ease of access to wetsuit pockets while in the water can vary by design, but generally, they are located in areas easy to reach, like the thighs or waist. Be aware that bulky or restrictive equipment can make accessing pockets more difficult.