What Are E-Board Shorts? What You Should Know

When shopping for board shorts you’ve probably wondered exactly what are E-Board Shorts? Are they different from regular board shorts? Why is there no mention of what E-board shorts are anywhere, is it a conspiracy?

Nope. The answer isn’t all that exciting but that doesn’t mean that this casual style of board shorts isn’t without merit. They do indeed have a unique style that some people might prefer to what is termed a “normal” style of board short.

So, what are E-Board Shorts and how are they different from regular board shorts? Let’s take a look.

How Are E-Board Shorts Different From Regular Board Shorts?

If you look at the pair of Speedo E-Board Shorts pictured above you will notice a difference in the waistband from the front to the back.

Do you see the difference? No? Okay, here are another pair of E-Board Shorts, these are also from Speedo.

Here is the backside of the same shorts, do you see how the waistband is different?

Figured it out yet? That’s right, the back part of the board short waistband is elastic while the front is a traditional drawstring.

That’s great you say. So, what are E-Board Shorts?

An E-Board Short is a board short with an exposed elastic back waistband with a traditional fixed front with drawstring.

I told you it wasn’t that exciting. You are probably wondering why only half of the waistband is elastic? Well, It comes down to two things. Comfort and style.

The Comfortable Feel of E-Board Shorts

E-Board Shorts are considered by some people to be more comfortable than a traditional board short with a drawstring.

If you’ve ever worn a pair of board shorts in which you need to tie them snugly for them to stay on you know what I mean. After a day at the beach, you will notice the red irritated ring around your waist from board shorts that were tied a little too tightly.

The half elastic waistband style of E-Board Shorts helps alleviate some of that pressure of the drawstring around your waist and can be far more comfortable for certain body types.

Another thing to consider is that E-Board Shorts are a better option than traditional board shorts if you are engaging in a lot of sporting activities at the beach.

It’s no coincidence that sportswear brands such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, and Adidas all have multiple styles of E-Board Shorts.


Another aspect of E-Board Shorts that some people find preferable is their style compared to board shorts with a full elastic waistband.

Some people prefer the look of a traditional drawstring waistband. Well, they can have that traditional look as well as the comfort of an elastic waistband with E-Board Shorts.

Sometimes shorts with elastic waistbands are unflattering and can give off a look similar to kid’s swimming trunks.

I totally get it. But is it worth it to go full drawstring just for the aesthetic appeal while being uncomfortable? That’s why E-Board Shorts are great, it’s the best of both worlds.

You can have the clean look of a traditional board short in the front, married with the forgiving elastic waistband in the back.

I can definitely see the appeal of this type of board shorts.

Who Makes E-Board Shorts?

As I mentioned earlier, most of the major sportswear brands produce E-Board Shorts. You can also add swimwear brands Speedo and Bodyglove to that list.

As far as who makes the best E-Board Shorts? That is left up to every individual’s style and personal preferences, but you can’t really go wrong with Speedo.

The Bottom Line

Well, hopefully you have a better understanding of what E-Board Shorts are and how they are different from traditional board shorts.

They definitely have some appealing qualities if you are in the market for a pair of board shorts that are comfortable and suitable for many types of athletic activities.

If you like the idea of a board short with a traditional drawstring front and an elastic waistband in the back, then these shorts would be a perfect option for you.