Can You Go to the Steam Room or Sauna After Waxing?

Waxing is an excellent method of hair removal, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free. However, have you ever had a waxing session and wondered if you could go to the sauna afterward?

Steam Room or Sauna After Waxing

A sauna session is not a good idea right after a wax. This is because steam from the sauna can open up your pores and cause premature stubble or introduce bacteria to the freshly waxed area. Furthermore, your skin is more sensitive after waxing, and exposure to the heat and humidity of a sauna may lead to irritation or inflammation.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of post-waxing care, including what you should and shouldn’t do, so that your skin can fully heal without issue.

How Long to Wait Before Going to Sauna

When you’ve just had a waxing appointment, especially a bikini wax, you may wonder if it’s safe to go to the sauna afterward. First, consider the condition of your hair follicles and how the heat and steam from the sauna could impact them.

After waxing, your hair follicles can be more sensitive and prone to irritation. You should give your skin some time to recover from the waxing session before exposing it to heat and steam.

A general guideline is to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before going to a sauna. This allows your hair follicles to close and the skin to heal.

Saunas provide an environment with high heat and humidity, which can lead to excessive sweating. Increased sweating may cause further discomfort and can lead to an increased risk of irritation or infection in the freshly waxed skin.

To minimize this risk, make sure you’re keeping the waxed areas clean and dry during this waiting period, which means any activity that causes you to sweat or exposes your sensitive skin to water is out of the question.

Can You Go to Steam Rooms After Waxing?

In a similar vein to saunas, you need to understand how your freshly waxed skin might react to the heat and humidity of a steam room.

Your skin is naturally more sensitive and vulnerable following a waxing session. This is because the waxing process has just removed not only your unwanted hair but also a layer of dead surface-skin cells.

With this in mind, exposing your sensitive skin to the heated environment of a steam room is not recommended either.

Steam rooms produce a warm and moist environment, which can lead to your pores opening up. This might cause premature stubble to appear after your wax.

Additionally, bacteria thrive in warm, wet places, increasing your chances of infection if you spend time in a steam room immediately after waxing.

With that in mind, you should avoid steam rooms, saunas, hot baths, hot yoga classes, and any other heated environment for at least 24 hours after your waxing session. This precautionary measure helps protect your skin from irritation and potential infections.

Avoiding Complications After Waxing

Proper Aftercare Tips

After getting a wax, it’s essential to take proper care of your freshly waxed skin to avoid complications like irritation and ingrown hairs. Here are a few aftercare tips to help you maintain a smooth and healthy skin:

  • Avoid hot and humid environments like saunas and steam rooms for at least 24 to 48 hours after waxing. Your skin is more sensitive during this time, and exposure to heat and humidity can lead to irritation or even infection.
  • Keep the waxed area clean and dry. Avoid vigorous scrubbing, and gently cleanse the area with a mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Stay away from tight clothing for a day or two, as this can cause friction and irritation on the waxed skin.


To prevent ingrown hairs and promote healthy skin, it’s crucial to exfoliate the waxed area regularly.

However, you should wait at least 24-48 hours after waxing before you start the exfoliation process.

When the time comes, gently exfoliate the skin with a mild scrub or exfoliating glove. Remember to always use circular motions and avoid scrubbing too harshly.

Some key exfoliation tips:

  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to maintain a smooth skin surface and avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate, as it can lead to irritation and even damage the skin.
  • Always moisturize after exfoliating to replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Moisturizing is another essential step in preserving your freshly waxed skin. A well-hydrated skin reduces irritation, prevents ingrown hairs, and helps promote a longer-lasting smoothness.

Just like with exfoliating, you should wait at least 24-48 hours to give your skin some time to breathe and heal before covering it up with products.

After cleansing, gently apply a moisturizer that’s specifically designed for sensitive or post-wax skin. Look for products with soothing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and hyaluronic acid.

Keep these moisturizing tips in mind:

  • Always apply moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliating to lock in hydration.
  • Avoid using heavy or perfumed moisturizers that might contain irritants.
  • Make moisturizing a part of your daily skincare routine for the best results.

Dos & Don’ts After Waxing


  • Apply a post-depilatory. They serve to remove waxy residue, avoid red bumps, soothe skin, and prevent ingrown hairs. Post-depilatories also dramatically slow down hair growth to increase the amount of time between waxing sessions.
  • Apply cold compresses: They are great at cooling your which soothes irritation and reduces redness.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize: Exfoliate the waxed areas 2-3 times a week to avoid ingrown hairs. Afterwards, moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated and nourished by applying a fragrance-free, alcohol-free lotion or oil specifically designed for post-wax care.
  • Wear loose clothing: To prevent friction on your freshly waxed skin, opt for loose, comfortable clothing.


  • Go to saunas or steam rooms: Taking a trip to the sauna immediately after waxing isn’t a good idea, as the heat and steam can irritate your sensitive skin and increase the risk of infection.
  • Use harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh soaps, body washes, or exfoliants for a few days after waxing to prevent further irritation.
  • Exercise: Refrain from exercising or any intense physical activities for at least 24 hours following your waxing session, as sweat and friction can lead to ingrown hairs and inflammation
  • Expose yourself to the sun. Your sensitive skin will be highly susceptible to sunburns and scarring. If you must be outside, wear a layer of UV protective clothing and try not to be in direct sunlight for more than 20-30 minutes.
  • Go swimming. After waxing, you should avoid swimming in pools and other bodies of water for a couple of days. The chemicals present in pool water, like chlorine, can irritate your freshly waxed skin. Additionally, lakes or oceans can contain bacteria that may lead to infections in the newly open pores created by the waxing process.

Feel free to follow these guidelines to keep your skin healthy and glowing after waxing while avoiding discomfort or complications.