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do surfers wear goggles

Why Don’t More Surfers Wear Goggles?

The ocean is salty and full of bacteria that can irritate your eyes. Plus, people pee and poop in it ...
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should surfers shave their beards

Should Surfers Shave Their Beards?

You may have noticed that many surfers not only don’t have beards, but their bodies are almost entirely clean shaven ...
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do surfers run into each other

How Often Do Surfers Run Into Each Other?

As vast and spacious as the ocean is, sometimes it feels like surfers are magnetically attracted to each other because ...
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do surfers poop in the ocean

Do Surfers Poop in the Ocean?

A question that you probably already know the answer to but have never bothered to ask is: do fish pee ...
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why don't surfers wear helmets

Why Don’t More Surfers Wear Helmets? (& Why Some Do)

You rarely see surfers wearing helmets. Why is that? It’s easy enough to get a head injury while surfing; you ...
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do you need a wetsuit to surf

Do You Need a Wetsuit to Surf?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that most surfers are wearing a wetsuit - whether in pictures, videos, or just by visiting your ...
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why do surfers wear wetsuits

Why Do Surfers Wear Wetsuits?

Wetsuits are a crucial piece of gear for any water sport, and surfing is no exception. Every day, surfers don ...
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how to treat and prevent wetsuit rash

How to Treat and Prevent Wetsuit Rash

Wetsuit rashes are most commonly experienced by surfers, but they can affect anybody in any sport as long as they ...
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how to treat and prevent surf rash

How to Treat and Prevent Surf Rash

Many surfers really dislike wearing a wetsuit. Wearing a still-damp and cold wetsuit at 6 am in the morning is ...
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do surfers shave their leg chest body hair

Do Surfers Shave Their Body Hair?

Do you have an abundance of leg hair, chest hair, or overall body hair that you’re thinking about shaving off ...
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What are board sports? Any sport that is played with a board qualifies as a “board sport.” Surfing is the original board sport, and skateboarding was then invented by surfers who couldn’t get enough of surfing and wanted to ride on a board on land.

Since the focus of this website is on water sports, our section on board sports covers only topics related to water-based board sports instead of any land-based board sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

This section contains all the articles we have written for the board sports we cover on this website: Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP Boarding, Wakeboarding.

If you’re interested in a specific board sport, please click into any of these links for articles that are specific to that activity.