30 Hilarious Seafood Jokes & One-Liners

It’s always good to share a laugh with friends and family over good food, and the seafood-themed jokes in this post are sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone.

Share some of these seafood one-liner jokes at your next family dinner if you dare, and it will either make everyone chuckle or groan. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Seafood One Liners

seafood jokes one liners

  • Did you hear about the chef’s seafood dish? It was a real catch!
  • I tried to make a seafood joke, but I floundered.
  • The seafood restaurant was so fancy, even their dishes were so-fish-ticated.
  • I went to a seafood disco last night and pulled a mussel.
  • Why did the crab go to the seafood party? To get a little steamed.
  • That seafood dish was so good, I’m still reeling from it.
  • Had seafood pasta today. It was off the hook!
  • The seafood platter was so large, I was shell-shocked.
  • The seafood platter looked so good, I was shellfish and didn’t share.
  • Ordered the seafood linguini. It was pasta point of no return.

Seafood Puns

seafood dish

  • They said the seafood chowder was deep, but I didn’t fathom it.
  • A seafood chef of-fish-iated my wedding, so now my marriage is of-fish-ial.
  • How do you measure a seafood restaurant’s success? By the scale of their dishes.
  • Why did the chef add extra garlic to the seafood? For the halibut!
  • Why did the seafood chef and diner have to take it outside? They were about to have a roe.
  • Ever tried the seafood diet? You just see food and eat it!
  • Why was the seafood restaurant so successful? They knew how to lure you in.
  • Why did the seafood restaurant get an award? Their dishes made waves.
  • How did the seafood restaurant serve the food so quickly? They were very e-fish-cient.
  • Why did the seafood chef bring a ladder to work? Because the fish was high-end.
  • Clams are the happiest seafood; they always come out of their shell.

Seafood Jokes

do you like seafood joke

  • What does the pope eat during Lent? Holy mackerel!
  • Why did the lobster and crab never fight? They didn’t want to get into hot water.
  • I always go to a seafood restaurant for special occasions. They’re very good at shell-ebrations.
  • What’s the worst diet for a blind person? A seafood diet.
  • Be careful when dating a seafood chef. They might give you crabs.
  • Why are all-you-can-eat seafood buffets so wasteful? They’re overkrill.
  • Why do bodybuilders love seafood restaurants? They’re good for mussels.
  • I’m never eating at a seafood restaurant again. They always make me eel.
  • The seafood curry was so spicy, the shrimp jumped out.