Do You Wear Boxers with Board Shorts?

Do You Wear Boxers with Board Shorts

It’s common for men to wonder and ask, “Do you wear boxers with board shorts?” Some swimsuits don’t offer as much support as others, which also begs the question, “What do you wear under your board shorts?”

There are really plenty of options if you’re looking for added support and privacy, though it’s not recommended you wear your boxers. Hence, in this guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of wearing boxers with board shorts as well as some great alternatives for you to consider.

The Pros of Wearing Board Shorts with Boxers

The majority of men have worn boxers with board shorts before and for a single trip to the beach or pool; it’s likely not to cause any harm. However, it’s not recommended you consider wearing boxers every time you go swimming. Nonetheless, there are some advantages to take note of:

Easy to Wear

The biggest benefit of wearing boxers with board shorts is that it’s the easiest option. Instead of having to buy a pair of compression shorts or spending money on a speedo, your boxers are readily available. Plenty of people have a specific pair of boxers that they use for swimming only.

Cost Effective

Once you spend the money on a pair of board shorts, it’s likely you won’t want to spend anything else on other accessories you might need. Most board shorts range in price from $20 to $100, and adding an extra $20 on top of that for compression shorts might be too expensive. If you’re a casual swimmer, wearing boxers is the most cost-effective option.


You can guarantee that nothing will be more comfortable under your board shorts than a pair of cotton boxers. This is especially true if you have very sensitive skin. Instead of exposing yourself to thick mesh or polyester, you’ll have a soft cotton barrier between your body and your shorts.

If you prefer to wear boxers under your board shorts, a 22″ inseam board short would be your best option, guaranteeing your boxers won’t look tacky hanging out of the bottom.

The Cons of Wearing Board Shorts with Boxers

The majority of the benefits of wearing board shorts with boxers revolves around convenience and cost. Unfortunately, there are negatives that you need to consider before making your decision.

Lack of Support

Compared to compression shorts, your boxers are going to give you far less support when you’re in the water. This is especially important if your friends get rowdy while swimming or if you’re playing a water sport. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is an injury from going into the pool or the ocean.

Take Too Long to Dry

When you’re lying out in the sun, your boxers will dry quickly; however, this means you’re going to need to take your board shorts off for them to dry. Undergarments that are designed for swimwear dry just as fast as your board shorts. Instead of having to wrap yourself in a towel or stay in the sun to dry off, your bottoms will purge all of the water on their own.

This is also important if you’re someone who sweats a lot during the summer. With quick-drying undergarments, you won’t have to worry about sweat stains or feeling uncomfortable when you’re too hot.

Ruin Your Boxers

Boxers are expensive, and in many cases, a pack of boxers can cost more than a pair of board shorts. When you wear your boxers while swimming, they are likely to lose their color quickly. You’ll also find that chlorine and other pool chemicals will eat away at the thin material of boxers, causing them to fall apart at the seams.

Instead of ruining your undergarments, you can opt for wearing nothing under your board shorts or wearing specially designed garments for swimming. Not to mention you won’t have to explain why your blue boxers are now either colorless or pale blue daily.

Alternatives to Boxers

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of wearing boxers with your board shorts, it’s time to explore alternatives. There are plenty of better options for you to consider that give you the most support and comfort while swimming.

Compression Shorts

Originally designed to assist with muscle recovery after working out, compression shorts are a fantastic option for swimmers. In fact, they’re the most popular thing to wear underneath your board shorts. Not only do they give you an incredible level of support, but they also dry quickly and help to wick away moisture and sweat.

Compression shorts are designed to have a skintight fit, so they won’t take away from the slim and sleek appeal of your board shorts. No one can tell that you’re wearing them at all, but you’ll have a lot of support. Also, they’re easy to hide under the waistband of your board shorts.

Swim Briefs

Another option for something to wear under your board shorts is a traditional pair of swim briefs or a Speedo. You can guarantee these will hold up the best over time, even if you regularly swim in chlorine. Since swim briefs are designed for competitive swimmers, they outperform both boxers and compression shorts.

Designed to fit similarly as panties, swim briefs will keep your body comfortable and secure, even during high-contact water sports. They also come with an interior lining for added privacy and protection.

Compared to compression shorts, Speedos sit much lower on your hips, and when you wear them, they will be hidden perfectly by your board shorts. If you decide that you want to switch from swimming to tanning, all you have to do is remove your shorts, and you won’t have to worry about tan lines.

Bare Skin

With the right pair of board shorts, it’s likely you won’t have to worry about wearing anything underneath. This is because board shorts that fit perfectly will give you enough room and support at the same time. Also, when wet, they won’t expose any parts of your body.

There are plenty of people who prefer to swim with nothing underneath their board shorts, which is the most cost-effective and convenient solution.

The Verdict

To answer, “Do you wear boxers with board shorts?“, you’ll need to take your preferences into account. Everyone has their own recommendations for what to wear when swimming and you won’t know what to choose until you try everything. From compression shorts to wearing nothing underneath, there are plenty of great options to consider.