How to Use the Key Loop in Board Shorts

Ever wonder about how to use the key loop that’s in your board shorts pocket? You’re not alone. Many people aren’t even sure what that loop is doing on their board shorts.

It’s known as a key loop but you can use it to attach more things than just keys. Basically, anything that has a ring or a hole can be attached to the key loop to keep it secure.

As well as keys, you could attach a wallet with a loop attachment, a waterproof fob case for other valuables, or even a wax comb for your surfboard.

When you use this key loop correctly you no longer need to worry about your valuables flying out of your pockets while having fun in the water.

This article will show you how to use the key loop in your board shorts to keep your valuables secure while you’re in the water.

How To Attach a Key To Your Board Shorts Using the Key Loop

If you’ve never attached anything to the key loop on your board shorts you’re probably wondering how anything could attach to that loop. I will take you through the process step-by-step and when you’re done you will be able to attach anything to that key loop.

  1. Start with the loop open. You are going to take the entire loop and thread it through the key ring.
  2. Thread the key loop through the keyring and then back towards the pocket, as shown in the next step.
  3. Now that you threaded it through you are now going to put the entire key with the ring attached back through the hole that you created between your fingers and where the keyring is resting on the red key loop.
  4. Put the entire key through the hole.
  5. Pull it taut and you are done!
  6. Your key is tied on your board shorts.

There you have it. Nothing fancy. Note that there is no twisting of the loop or anything. The technique is what is known as a cow hitch with the loop-first method of tying something.

Now that you’ve mastered that knot you can attach any valuables to that loop. I like to use it to attach a waterproof wallet to keep my license, credit card, and money safe and dry.

How to Attach a Ring to Your Board Shorts

Most quality board shorts will include a key loop of some type either in one of the pockets or inside the waistband. Even hybrid board shorts that are more casual like the O’Neill Hybrid Board Short will include a key loop.

If your board shorts for some reason don’t have a key loop then hopefully they have some sort of secure pocket to keep your valuables safe.

If they don’t have a secure pocket either then perhaps you could attach a waterproof fob to the drawstring on your board shorts.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve mastered tying things to your key loop on your board shorts you should be able to attach anything you want to keep safe. I prefer this method of secure storage over trusting a velcro pocket to keep my I.D. and credit cards from falling out in the surf.

If you’re having trouble putting your valuables around the loop, re-watch those videos again and keep practicing until you can do it reliably. It’s frustrating at first but it will pay dividends very quickly.

Eventually you’ll be so good at doing it, you could probably do it with your eyes closed just based on feeling. Once you’re at that level, you’re going to be wishing that all of your shorts had a key loop so you can stick your valuables on it.