How to Keep Your Phone Dry in Board Shorts Pocket

If you’re planning on going to the beach or the pool you are wondering how you will keep your phone dry in your board shorts pocket.

You’re also wondering if you can buy board shorts with waterproof pockets. You can, but they are generally very pricey.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep your cell phone safe and dry out on the water, but you do need to keep a few things in mind.

First, you will need board shorts with a secure pocket or a key loop for attaching valuables. Secondly, you will need a waterproof cell-phone pouch to keep your phone dry and secure.

A cell phone waterproof pouch that fits in your pocket will do the same trick as the fancy board shorts with waterproof pockets at a fraction of the price.

In this post, I will show you some great options for keeping your phone not only dry but secure as well. Let’s get started.

Men’s Board Shorts With Secure Pockets

A factor to consider when keeping your phone dry in your board shorts pocket is how secure is the fastening mechanism of the pockets.

Board shorts that have secure pockets are the first layer of protection for keeping your phone safe. It’s all well and good if the waterproof case or pouch keeps it dry but it becomes a moot point if you can’t attach it securely to your body.

Having a pair of board shorts with secure pockets is one way to keep your phone from washing away. Although Velcro technology has improved over the years, I highly recommend board shorts with zippered pockets to keep your phone safe.

There are board shorts that have zippered pockets that are barely noticeable so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

O’Neill’s line of board shorts is a great example of board shorts with a secure welded side zippered pocket down the leg. The secure pocket is discreet and placed on the side so carrying a phone won’t inhibit your movement.

Attach your waterproof phone pouch to the key loop inside and your phone will be safe and dry.

Where to Attach a Waterproof Cellphone Pouch on Your Board Shorts

Sometimes your board shorts have pockets that aren’t secure or have no pockets whatsoever. How do you attach your waterproof cell phone pouch to your shorts if this is the case?

Well, you still have a few options. You can attach it to either the drawstring if your board shorts have one, or the key loop that is generally inside one of the pockets or waistband.

I tend not to trust Velcro pockets on most board shorts from staying shut while playing around in the ocean. That’s why if I bring anything valuable with me I attach it to the key loop inside one of the pockets. It’s just one extra thing I don’t have to worry about.

And I don’t have to constantly watch my belongings back on the beach.

Alternative Options

Another way to solve the dilemma of keeping your phone dry while in the water is to take your phone out of the scenario entirely.

A possible solution for those people who envision themselves spending more time on the water is to use a smartwatch that is water-resistant.

I’m not saying you should go buy a new water-resistant smart watch just for your trip to Cancun. I’m saying if you’ve recently taken up an activity such as paddle boarding on a regular basis then a smartwatch would make a huge difference in your life.

And considering that some high-end board shorts with waterproof pockets can cost more than an Apple Watch, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched of an idea.

Apple Watch Series 2 and newer watches may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean, but not for scuba-diving or water-skiing, where the water pressure or velocity is too much.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your smartphone safe while you’re engaged in water activities doesn’t have to be stressful. In this article, I’ve shown you a few ways to keep your phone dry in your board shorts pocket.

Board shorts with secure zippered pockets are your best bet for keeping things safe but not dry. Once you add a waterproof pouch and attach it to the key loop in that secure pocket you should be good to go.

There’s also something to be said for bypassing the hassle of bringing your phone into the water altogether.

By using a water-resistant smartwatch you can still be connected or take photos on the water. Most water-resistant watches are viable for most non-extreme water activities like swimming and paddleboarding.

No matter what your budget, any of those options will have you covered.