Aqua Blue vs Aqua White Mini Pebble Pool Finish

Aqua Blue vs Aqua White Mini Pebble

When selecting a pool finish, you want one that is not only good-looking but also long-lasting. Pool finishes can last for over 15 years and are costly to resurface, so you’re in it for the long-run.

Among the various pool finishes offered, two very popular ones by StoneScapes are the Aqua Blue Mini Pebble and Aqua White Mini Pebble. Both are very solid options that look aesthetically pleasing, which makes selecting only one very difficult.

In this article, I will be comparing the Aqua Blue Mini Pebble vs Aqua White Mini Pebble finishes to help you decide which one is better suited for your pool. The main factors I will compare are their aesthetics, water appearance, feel to the touch, durability, and pricing.

Why StoneScapes?

As you’ve probably noticed, both of these pool finishes come from StoneScapes. StoneScapes is currently one of the leading brands for pool finishes, rivaled by Pebble Tec.

StoneScapes pool finishes are known for offering a unique range of colors to cater to every aesthetic. Even the pickiest homeowners will find something to their liking.

Aside from aesthetics, StoneScapes finishes also boast incredible durability, often lasting over 15 years. Not much maintenance is required aside from the weekly brushing; these things just work. The texture is also very comfortable to the touch and will feel great to use.

Astoundingly, StoneScapes offer a budget-friendly price tag thanks to its low-maintenance and resilience. You most likely won’t ever have to worry about doing much repairs or needing to use chemicals to clean it. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with StoneScapes if you are on a tight budget.


Aqua Blue Mini Pebble


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One look at the Aqua Blue Mini Pebble and it becomes clear why it’s one of the top picks. Once installed, it helps give the water an alluring medium blue color that catches the eye.

If you prefer your pool water to have a darker blue color, then this is ideal. The blue is striking and vivid in broad daylight, however at night it may appear too dark for some peoples’ tastes.

The Aqua Blue finish is able to give off this impression due to its modified white Portland cement that has been dyed aqua blue, along with natural quartz aggregate and a specialty blend of glass bead aggregates.

Aqua White Mini Pebble

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The Aqua White Mini Pebble, on the other hand, gives the water a more subdued shade of blue that makes it look less like it has been dyed blue and more akin to the look of ocean water.

StoneScape was able to achieve the Aqua White color with a combination of aqua blue pigmented white Portland cement, along with natural white quartz pebble aggregates.

Some homeowners have found the color to be a bit bland, however I think there’s nothing wrong with a more conservative pool.

Between the Aqua Blue and Aqua White, if you prefer your pool to stand out a bit more, then go with the Aqua Blue. If you prefer more neutral shades, then stick with the Aqua White finish.

Either way, I think both can help give your blue an ocean blue, crystal clear look that helps remind you of the calm feeling of the ocean.

Feel to the touch

Since you are interested in the Mini Pebble variation of these finishes, both share a similar texture.

Being made of stone, any exposed Pebble finish is rougher than plaster and can feel a little rough on the feet if one has been in the water for a while.

However, it’s the Mini Pebble we’re talking about, and that delivers a smoother feel that is more comfortable to stand on for a longer duration.

Between the Aqua Blue Mini Pebble and the Aqua White Mini Pebble, for some reason the Aqua Blue finish is rougher on swimsuits and can potentially lead to more scrapes than the Aqua White finish.

The Aqua White Mini Pebble appears to be smoother and more forgiving on swimwear and the human body, and many find it to be more inviting.


Any Pebble finish will last significantly longer than plaster, and StoneScapes estimates that their finishes can last between 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

So between the Aqua Blue and Aqua White Mini Pebble, you can expect the same amount of long-lasting durability.

With regards to maintenance, not much is required; just brush the pool at least once weekly, and that is about all it takes to maintain the finish. You couldn’t ask for an easier job than that.


Since you are deciding between two Mini Pebble finishes, they are both on the pricey side as Mini Pebble is smoother and aesthetically pleasing. The final price ultimately depends on your location, the size of your pool, and your contractor.

You can expect quotes of anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Again, it largely depends on how big your pool is, but just know that you’re paying for quality.

The verdict

You can’t really go wrong with either finish from StoneScapes, however if I had to pick one I’d go with the Aqua White Mini Pebble finish.

In terms of water appearance, that is subjective. However, I find that the lighter shade of blue is more inviting, and the darker blue of the Aqua Blue looks far too artificial for more liking. Plus, at night it can make your pool look pitch black which is unsettling.

As for the texture, for some reason the Aqua White is smoother than the Aqua Blue finish. It just feels better to stand on and is less likely to scrape your swimwear if you’re leaning on the pool walls. Perhaps these were isolated incidences and both are intended to have the same texture, but I cannot confirm that.

Furthermore, it’s not that the Aqua Blue Mini Pebble finish is bad, just that the dark blue can look artificial. But maybe your opinion on the aesthetics of a darker blue pool differs from mine. I admit, the Aqua Blue color does look like the deep-blue of a tropical ocean, so it certainly stands out more.