StoneScapes Tropics Blue vs Tahoe Blue Pool Finish

Tropics Blue vs Tahoe Blue

A pebble pool finish can last for decades and is costly to replace, so it’s worth taking the extra time to really think about how you want your pool to look.

NPT’s StoneScapes Mini Pebble line have been the go-to option for pebble pool finishes because they offer a smooth, luxurious finish coupled with a tropical look when it comes to the water aesthetic.

With so many color options available, you could make your pool look like it belongs in a lush forest or bear a striking resemblance to the Carribean beach.

Two colors that many pool owners struggle to decide on are the Tropics Blue and Tahoe blue pool finishes. As they are both shades of blue, it can be difficult to decide which shade of blue is more perfect than the next.

In this article, I will go over the differences and similarities between these two popular options from StoneScapes to help you make an informed decision.


The aesthetics are arguably the most important part of a pool finish (that or the texture), but whether a finish’s aesthetics are good or bad is highly subjective. What I may find to be tasteful and classy might look completely plain to you, and what I may find chaotic and noisy may be just what you are looking for, or vice versa.

When it comes to the Tahoe Blue finish, it gives off a slightly green-tinted but still predominantly blue look to the water. This is perfect for homeowners who want to build their own little oasis in their backyard that is reminiscent of Lake Tahoe itself.


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For more pictures of the Tahoe Blue pool finish, click here.

To achieve this look, the Tahoe Blue finish is made with blue/gray pigmented white Portland cement, as well as black and gold natural quartz pebble aggregates. All of this combined together creates a beautiful shade and color variation that is inherent from the natural materials used in its construction.

In comparison, the Tropics Blue finish gives off a darker blue look once the pool is filled. It can make your pool look deeper than it actually is, as if you were actually swimming in the ocean. Some people may find this ominous and a little intimidating compared to a lighter color pool, whereas others love the darker blue.

To achieve the darker blue look, the Tropics Blue is made with dark blue pigmented white Portland cement, as well as gold, black, and white natural quartz pebble aggregates including a specialty blend of colored quartz highlights and abalone shell. This gives the finish a color reminiscent of a tropical beach.

Since both of these finishes have a mini pebble design, they allow for a greater color consistency and an appealing sparkle that can make your pool stand out.


Even though both the Tropics Blue and Tahoe Blue are part of the Mini Pebble line, the Tahoe Blue finish feels a bit rougher.

For more pictures of the Tropics Blue finish, click here.

That said, Mini Pebble finishes are generally very smooth and should not feel abrasive at all. Both finishes are easy on your skin, yet textured enough that it prevents slipping hazards. With either of these finishes, your pool won’t just look luxurious, it’ll feel like it as well.

One disadvantage that the Tahoe Blue finish has compared to the Tropics Blue is that, because it has a lighter appearance, it looks dirtier more easily and may need to be cleaned more often.


Again, since both of these finishes are from the Mini Pebble line and made with similar materials, it should not be surprising that both are extremely durable when properly installed and maintained.

However, the Tropics Blue finish is more resistant to staining compared to the Tahoe Blue finish. The Tropics Blue finish is less likely to have any visible marks or blemishes due to its darker color and doesn’t require as much maintenance either. It is great if you want a pool finish that looks great for the years to come.

The Tahoe Blue finish is equally as durable but may look dirtier and stains more easily. That says nothing about its longevity except that it will look worse off if you aren’t keeping up with cleaning.

Both of these finishes are rated to last anywhere from 15-25 years long as long as you are cleaning them at least once a week.


The Tropics Blue is slightly more expensive than the Tahoe Blue because of the extra materials used in its construction such as the abalone shells. However, consider it the premium you pay for being stain-resistant and needing less maintenance; I’d say it’s worth the price bump.

However, both of these finishes are considered mid-range in the overall pebble pool finish market.

The total cost of installing one of these finishes can fluctuate depending on the size of your pool and cost of labor. Consider shopping around for a better price, but expect to spend thousands of dollars even on the low end.

Which should you pick?

As mentioned, the main factors for most people are the aesthetics and the cost.

Since the Tropics Blue costs more than the Tahoe Blue, then if it exceeds your budget, you have no choice but to go with the cheaper Tahoe Blue finish.

If money is no object, then you simply pick the one with the better aesthetic. The Tahoe Blue gives off a lighter, bluish green look whereas the Tropics Blue gives off a darker blue as if you’re swimming along the surface of deep, tropical waters.

Both pool finishes are very durable, but the Tropics Blue is more stain-resistant and needs less maintenance to look clean. However, it is the more expensive of the two options, so you’re paying for the convenience.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices from the StoneScapes Mini Pebble line of pool finishes, but make sure you’re informed before you make a decision.