Can You Leave Pool Vacuum in Pool Overnight?

Can You Leave Pool Vacuum in Pool Overnight

A robotic pool cleaner is perhaps one of the most expensive pieces of equipment they’ll own. That is why great care must be taken to protect your investment from damage. Like all of your other equipment, it requires maintenance so that it can last a long time. Failure to take proper care of your pool robot can drastically shorten its lifespan.

One common question many pool owners have is whether they can leave their pool vacuum in the pool all day and even overnight. While you can leave the pool robot in the pool for some time, extended submersion is not recommended as it can eventually result in battery damage, clogging, and power line faults. A good practice is to take the pool cleaner out after every cleaning cycle.

With that said, if you need to leave your robot pool vacuum in the pool for an entire day or two on occasion, then that is likely to be okay. To help you better understand why you generally shouldn’t leave your pool vacuum in the pool, keep reading on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do to ensure it has a long lifespan.

Why you shouldn’t leave the pool robot in the pool overnight

Deterioration of components

Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. It can cause any object to deteriorate, even if it is water-resistant. Given enough time, it can even wear down rock.

When you leave your pool vacuum submerged underwater all the time, the water molecules can eventually seep through the waterproof bond and reach the components inside.

Additionally, water is not the only issue – the chlorine in the pool is corrosive and can wear down the metallic parts. No matter how waterproof your machine is, it’s not chemical-proof.

Now, these physical and chemical processes can take a while to wear down your pool robot. That is why it’s okay to leave pool vacuum in pool for an entire day or two if needed. But any longer than that, and you risk water damage.

Risk of battery damage

Generally speaking, electronics and water don’t mix well. Even electronics designed to be used underwater runs the risk of water getting inside and ruining the internals. That risk is, of course, present for robotic pool cleaners as well.

When left underwater, over time the water molecules and dirt particles can negatively impact the performance of the unit. Furthermore, electricity may be exposed to the water which poses a safety risk for swimmers in the water. That is why you should not swim while the pool robot is running.

If the battery gets damaged by the water, there is next to no chance of repairing it. You will have to buy a new battery outright, so it is better not to expose your machine to these risks if you can help it.

The filter will quickly clog

Depending on how dirty your pool is, the filter will eventually clog, and you will have to clean the filters to ensure water can still flow through it. The smaller the filter the more fine the particles it can trap, even algae.

If you leave the pool robot running all the time, the filter will get clogged quickly, leaving the machine ineffective. Clogged filters also increase energy consumption, produce heat, and can burn out the motor.

The recommended advice is to take the cleaner out after each use to hose it down, and you might as well clean out the filter while you’re at it.

The motor will burn out

Related to the above point, when the filter is clogged, the motor has to work much harder to get water through. When you notice the cleaner is struggling to pick up debris, that is a sign that the filter is full. The extra burden of a clogged filter can cause the motor to burn out.

Power line fault

If your pool robot is powered by a direct electric supply, you should turn off the power source after cleaning. Otherwise, the cable that connects the pool cleaner and electric board will be laying completely exposed, and it can be damaged by animals, pets, or general wear and tear.

The cable can also be a tripping hazard, and if you happen to be swimming in the pool while it’s running (something you should NOT be doing), an entangling hazard. Water can also splash on the cable which is an electrical hazard.

Even if you turn off the power after use but leave the cable on the ground and the pool robot in the pool, this is not ideal. All of the risks mentioned above are still valid. And should the metal wires within the cables get exposed, the next time you turn the power back on, it can be a major electrical hazard.

How long can you leave pool vacuum in pool?

You should leave your pool robot in the pool for as long as it takes for it to complete a cleaning cycle. Battery-powered pool vacuums tend to have an operating time of around 60 to 90 minutes before they need to be recharged.

Pool robots with a power cord can technically run indefinitely, but it only takes about three to four hours to clean an average-sized pool. After it’s done its cycle, you should take it out of the pool so it is not exposed to water or chemicals for any longer than needed.

How often you use your pool cleaner depends on how quickly your pool gets dirty. This is a function of how often your pool is in use. If you host pool parties frequently, then you need to use the pool cleaner every day. If your pool is rarely used, you may only need to use it once every one to two weeks.

Since robotic cleaners are automated, they can do their job without your assistance or supervision. Since you’re not the one doing the heavy lifting, I see no reason why you couldn’t run them every single day if you’re so inclined. Just make sure to take the cleaner out of the water, give it and its filter a good rinse, and store it in a dry place with rain cover afterwards.

Can you leave it running overnight?

So, can you leave robotic pool cleaner in pool? As mentioned, it only takes a few hours at most for a pool cleaner to clean a pool. There is plenty of time during the day for it to clean and you do not need to leave it running overnight.

There is also sufficient time in the day for it to clean your pool, with more than enough time to spare so that you can still swim in the pool afterwards. Again, you should do these things separately for safety reasons.

The main reason why it is better to use it during the day is because you can immediately take it out of the water to clean it as soon as it’s done cleaning the pool. At night, it will spend that extra time exposed to water and chlorine until you wake up the next morning to take it out.

This will cause your pool robot to deteriorate faster than someone who takes their unit out of the water right away. For the sake of ensuring your pool cleaner has a long lifespan, it’s better not to leave it running overnight.