How Many Swim Trunks Do You Need?

When it comes to deciding how many swim trunks you should own, consider how often you swim and how quickly you can wash and dry your swim trunks. The right number of swim trunks for you could range from just the one pair to several, depending on your specific swimming habits and lifestyle.

How Many Swim Trunks Do You Need

If you swim often, it’s a good idea to have at least a few extra pairs on hand. This way, while one pair dries, you can wear another, ensuring you always have a dry pair to wear. On the other hand, if you only swim casually during the summer months, one or two pairs might be enough to get by. Just make sure you have enough time between swims to wash and dry your trunks properly.

Keep reading on to get an idea of the questions you should be asking yourself to help you determine how many swim trunks you need.

Factors That Affect How Many Trunks You Should Own

How Often Do You Go Swimming?

You need to realistically think about what your swimming needs are to help you determine the perfect number of swim trunks you should own.

If you’re a casual swimmer who only takes a dip once or twice a month, one pair of good quality swim trunks will suffice.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid swimmer or you live near the beach, and you head down to the water three, four, or five times a week, you may want that many swim trunks to ensure you always have a fresh pair available.

Vacations also play a significant role in determining your swim trunk needs. If you’re planning a beach vacation, make sure to pack more than one pair of swim trunks.

This way, you’ll be prepared to enjoy multiple days in the water without worrying about leaving wet swim trunks around to dry. Bringing three to four pairs for a week-long vacation is a good starting point.

How Long Does It Take to Wash and Dry Your Swim Trunks?

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Your swim trunks’ laundry and drying time is another crucial factor. If you’re able to wash and dry your swim trunks quickly, you don’t need as many pairs; however, if your drying time is longer, especially if you’re using natural air-drying methods, you may want to have extra pairs available.

For instance, washer and dryer access is not always available when vacationing. Let’s assume you don’t have access to them, so you need to hand wash and air dry your swim trunks. Okay, no problem, you think.

Except, depending on where you’re vacationing, the humidity could be incredibly high. Hawaii is notorious for this, as most tropical climates are high in humidity. When so much moisture is in the air, it could make it difficult or impossible to naturally air-dry your swim trunks.

How Much Do You Care About Style?

Even if you could wash and dry your swim trunks, maybe you want to wear a new pair each day anyways.

If your budget allows, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have 10, 20, or even 30 pairs of swim trunks. Have an entire wardrobe of swim trunks if you wish. Who said you are limited by how quickly you can wash and dry your swim trunks?

Besides, you don’t want to always look like you’re wearing the same pair of swim trunks, do you? Especially if you’re vacationing and know you’re going to be in a bunch of photos, don’t you want to be remembered for how fashionable you were? (To be clear, you wouldn’t pack every pair you own, just enough to have a variety).

Don’t give off the impression that you’re wearing the same swim trunks everyday – even if you are washing and drying it – it can give people the wrong idea.

Do You Want A Few Spare Pairs?

There are many reasons to own extra pairs of swim trunks.

For instance, maybe you lost your swim trunks somehow. Perhaps you misplaced it, forgot to pack it in the luggage, or had it get blown away by the wind when you were hanging it outside to air dry. Or maybe your swim trunks split open in the crotch area. Hey, these things happen.

If that was your only pair of swim trunks, and you happen to be on vacation, then you may need to spend extra money in a hurry to buy an overpriced, poorly-fitting pair of swim trunks.

You also take precious time out of your vacation just to run this errand. All of this can be avoided if you just had a few spare pairs of swim trunks on hand in preparation for a situation like this.

How Many Swim Trunks While Vacationing?

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With the above factors in mind, how many swim trunks should you bring while vacationing? Realistically, you are limited by luggage space – you are not going to bring 10 pairs even if you own that many. But you probably should bring more than one.

The number of trunks depends on the length of your vacation and how often you plan to be in the water. Remember, having enough swimwear means you can easily transition from one activity to another without worrying about wet or uncomfortable clothing.

For a weekend getaway, it’s recommended to pack at least two pairs of swim trunks. Having a couple of options ensures that you can switch out your swimwear if one pair is still wet or a different style would be more suitable for a specific activity.

For a one-week vacation, three pairs of swim trunks should be sufficient. Remember to pack swimwear that dries quickly, so you always have a dry option available. If you plan to spend most of your vacation swimming, you might want to consider packing an additional pair, especially if laundry facilities aren’t readily available.

For a longer vacation, such as a two-week trip, consider packing four swim trunks. This will give you a variety of options, especially if you’re engaging in different water activities, and allows for drying time between uses.

How Many Swim Trunks for Casual Use?

When it comes to casual use, the number of swim trunks you should own depends on how often you swim.

If you enjoy swimming occasionally, such as a few times a month or during weekends, owning two pairs of swim trunks would be sufficient. This allows you to have a clean pair ready while the other is being washed and dried.

However, if you visit the pool or beach more frequently, say multiple times a week, you might want to own at least four to five pairs. This ensures you have a fresh pair for every visit, and it also reduces the wear and tear on each individual pair by rotating their use.


In determining the ideal number of swim trunks you should own, consider your swimming frequency and your ability to wash and dry them promptly. Your lifestyle, personal preferences, and swimwear requirements based on the activities you engage in should also be taken into consideration.

For instance, during vacation, packing at least two swim trunks would suffice for a weekend getaway. If you’re going on a week-long trip, increasing the number of swim trunks may prove more practical.

For casual scenarios, owning a few versatile swim trunks that comfortably suit your everyday activities is a reasonable approach. Keep in mind factors like material, fit, and style; swim trunks made from materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex tend to be lightweight, durable, and suitable for water activities.

Considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision on the number of swim trunks to own, tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Don’t hesitate to invest in a couple more pairs if you find yourself enjoying water activities more frequently or require varying styles to suit your wardrobe preferences. Ultimately, your comfort and preferences matter most.