Freestyle Men’s FS81324 Hammerhead XL Stainless Steel Watch Review

Having a water-proof watch with you while scuba diving is a convenient way to keep track of your time underwater, and more importantly, helps you manage your air supply in a more efficient manner.

The Freestyle Men’s FS81324 “Hammerhead XL” Stainless Steel Watch is a great dive watch with an easily readable display, and extra large buttons which are easy to operate even with dive gloves on.

The watch band is very comfortable and slightly oversized to accommodate the extra width that dive gloves add to your wrist. Being water-resistant to 200m is about 4 times as much as you would need on a regular scuba dive since at diving at depths below 40m requires special equipment and training.

A lot of the customer reviews of this product say the same thing; namely that the watch looks even better in person than it does in the advertiser’s image. Many people report liking the style so much that they simply wear this watch all the time, not only while diving.

This watch also features a tide table dial which is a cool addition not only for divers, but surfers as well! The old school analog display is a nice departure from the standard digital display you’ll find on most dive watches today, and the whole color scheme of the watch just “works” in both a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

So if you’re looking for an attractive way to keep track of your time under the water, or simply want a good water-proof watch for a day of body boarding at the beach, the Freestyle Men’s FS81324 “Hammerhead XL” Stainless Steel Watch is an attractive analog take on the modern dive watch. The perfect accessory for your dive gear or snorkel set.