OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Review

The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is a remarkable piece of diving equipment, known for its good performance in cold water diving situations (including ice diving). This mask rarely fogs and will almost never freeze. It comes standard with an ambient breathing valve to help you preserve your tank while above the surface, and also features a double seal to accommodate various face sizes and shapes.

The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask has a wide viewport which offers outstanding visibility. The mask comes with its own special storage bag which is ventilated to make sure it gets as dry as possible between uses. It’s been reported that the mask seals best for bare skin, but can work properly with thin latex hoods as well (although it may become harder to clear your ears when using a hood).

The only downsides to the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask are the standard downsides that come with using any full face mask, namely the special drills and procedures you must be familiar with in the event you have an equipment failure or OOA incident. Because of this it’s recommended that you always bring a regular mask as a back up in case you have to hook up to either your own, or your buddies’ backup octopus.

Of course the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask also has all the perks that a full face mask offers; allowing nasal breathing which helps prevent dry throat, the ability to talk, and more importantly – added safety in situations where the diver loses consciousness (divers in full face masks are much more likely to stay connected to their air supply than a those with standard regulator).

The mask also comes with a set of nose blocks which should fit almost anyone.

The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask comes in 7 different color combinations:

  • Blue / Black (Area inside the faceplate is blue)
  • Black / Blue (Area inside the faceplate is black)
  • Black / Pink
  • Black / Green
  • Black / Red
  • Yellow / Black
  • Solid Black

The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is a great pick for any dive, but has gotten its best reviews from people who enjoy the thrill and the chill that comes with diving at very low temperatures.

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