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Do Olympic Swimmers Wear Earplugs

Do Olympic Swimmers Wear Earplugs?

Are you on the fence about wearing swimming earplugs, and are making your decision based on whether Olympic swimmers wear ...
Do Swimmers Wear Earplugs?

Do Swimmers Wear Earplugs?

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should swimmer's ear drops burn or hurt

Should Swimmers Ear Drops Burn or Hurt?

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Do Swimmer's Ear Drops Work

Do Swimmer’s Ear Drops Work?

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muscles used in swimming breaststroke

Muscles Used in Swimming Breaststroke: A Guide

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Muscles Used in Freestyle Swimming

What Are the Muscles Used in Freestyle Swimming?

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Are Swimmers Inherently Good Runners?

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are runners good swimmers

Are Runners Automatically Good Swimmers?

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Does Swimming Help with Running

Does Swimming Help with Running?

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Should Swimmers Bench Press

Should Swimmers Bench Press?

Strength training can help improve overall strength, power, and endurance, which can enhance a swimmer's performance. However, the extent to ...

Open water swimming is pretty self-explanatory; it is simply swimming in any outdoor bodies of water including the open ocean, lakes, and even rivers. You can do it casually or competitively, such as in triathlons.

At the highest level, you can compete in prestigious competitions such as the FINA World Aquatics Championships, the FINA 10 km Marathon Swimming World Cup, and even at the Olympic Games. It is a discipline acknowledged across the world, as there are official events worldwide.

Wearing a wetsuit is highly recommended due to the risks involved with open water swimming. In competition, wetsuits are either permitted or restricted based on the distance of the swim and the water temperature.

In this section, we have compiled a list of all our guides related to open water swimming.