Are High-Waisted Bikinis Flattering?

Are High-Waisted Bikinis Flattering

With unflattering nicknames like “diaper” and “granny panties”, high-waisted bikinis seemed like they were doomed to be a bust. And for a time, they were… until recently. Now, due to the cyclical nature of the world, it seems like high-waisted bikinis are once again in vogue. Yet, there are some people who are still on the fence about whether they should wear it. Are high-waisted bikinis flattering, or are they just a fad that will soon die once again?

There are many reasons why high-waisted bikinis are flattering. Of course, your body shape matters, but they provide many practical benefits regardless. For instance, you can have better tummy control, the appearance of elongated legs, comfort from the material not digging in, more modesty, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping off either. Some people stubbornly dislike high-waisted bikinis, but they look and feel great, and the most important factor is that you like how one looks on you.

It seems like the trend of wearing high-waisted swimwear bottoms is here to stay. They are the go-to option for comfort and they can do a great job at accentuating the female figure. If you’re not convinced that high-waisted bikini bottoms are for you, then let us tell you why they are flattering enough to be the new hotness once again.

Why high-waisted bikini bottoms are so flattering

With how fast-paced and hectic most people’s daily lives are, it can be hard to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regimen conducive to getting a toned body. Thus, clothing that can make you look good whether you have the ideal body or not are a literal blessing in disguise.

high-waisted bikinis are excellent for accentuating your feminine features and will help you look your most flattering. Here are some of the ways high-waisted bikini bottoms can make this can happen:

Tummy control

Most high-waisted bikini bottoms come with an elastic waistband. The thickness can range from thick to thin, and the amount of elastic sewn into the seam can differ as well. If you have a little bit of a tummy or FUPA and find it very tiring to suck in your stomach all the time, then you’ll love how a high-waisted swimsuit will do it for you.

Just be careful not to get one that squeezes your tummy too much, because not only will it be uncomfortable, but it can create a muffin top look which is what you want to avoid.

Elongated legs

High-waisted bikini bottoms can do wonders for accentuating your legs by making them look longer. Look for one that has a high leg cut, meaning that it exposes more of the side of your legs leading up to the hip.

Combine this with the tummy control that the elastic waistband provides, and you can easily look much slimmer and sexier wearing a high-waisted bikini.

This is the trick that Taylor Swift uses to look so slim and tall. Look at her pictures on Google, and you’ll see she often wears high-waisted bottoms, whether it’s her swimsuit or just her everyday outfits. If you like that look, you can try it yourself.

Seamless bottoms don’t dig in

Seamless swimwear bottoms do wonders for providing comfort and a flattering cut. You can make your swimsuit seamless too by tucking in the seam and elastic inside two layers of soft, creamy fabric.

To the naked eye, it will appear seamless, and what’s more, it won’t rub or dig into your skin. If your swimsuit leaves imprints on your skin, that is a sign that the fit is a little tight.

Another benefit of seamless bottoms is that they won’t result in extra rolls or a double butt look. As an additional benefit, seamless bottoms are extremely comfortable to wear.


There is a misconception that revealing more skin is sexier than being clothed. When a woman wears the most revealing swimsuit she can, yes, she does attract some people who see her as nothing more than a sexual object.

However, anyone with class will recognize that clothing adds to a woman’s look, and the goal is not necessarily to wear less of it, but to wear clothing that accentuates one’s curves, yet keeps them covered up to add to the mystery.

Plus, a modest swimsuit is more versatile. You can wear a high-waisted bikini bottom to an outing with family, friends, or even at a church event. You can’t say the same about a string bikini.

Won’t fall off

The first time that a girl ever dives into the water with a bikini is probably also her last time. That sounded ominous, as if a death occurred, but the horrific realization that your bikini bottom or top has fallen off (or both) in front of your closest friends and family will probably make you feel like you might as well have died. This is something we do not want a repeat of.

Thankfully, a high-waisted swimsuit bottom is going to stay put thanks to the elastic waist seam that also aids in tummy control. You can do whatever activity you want without worrying about your bikini bottoms falling off.

That way, you won’t be missing out on life, you’ll still be all in group photos actively participating instead of always just hanging around the periphery, scared of another potential wardrobe malfunction. I think the girl taking part in the activities is way more attractive than the one off to the side.

Parting words

There are many good reasons why high-waisted bikini bottoms are making a comeback. Even if you love your teeny bikinis, it’s worth having a few high-waisted options in your wardrobe to diversify how you look. We can now say that high-waisted bikinis have stood the test of time, and you can have peace of mind that this style isn’t going anywhere.

For the most flattering look, we highly recommend high-waisted bottoms that come all the way up to the belly button to hold in the tummy. A slightly higher cut on the sides of the legs help to elongate them, and a little bit of a cut on the back can help tease your assets. Finding the perfect high-waisted bottom requires some effort, but it will make you look sexy and feel confident like few other swimwear can. They are definitely a flattering type of swimwear that you should wear.