Are One-Piece Swimsuits Sexier Than Bikinis?

Are One-Piece Swimsuits Sexier Than Bikinis

When it comes to what looks good, girls and guys like different things. You’ll often notice this difference when guys offer unsolicited advice like, “You look better without make-up”, “You should smile more”, “You look better with longer hair”, and so on. Aside from being wrong most of the time, guys need to understand it’s your body and you can look however you want to look.

The thing is, when it comes to which swimsuits look the sexiest, there is a debate that even has other women confused: Are one piece swimsuits sexier than bikinis, or is it the other way around? We know that they are both sexy, but that’s a cop out answer; which one is sexier? From what I can tell, there are strong arguments on both sides.

If you have a nice body, a bikini will leave barely anything to the imagination. Bikinis show much more skin, and I think many people would agree that this is very sexy. If you have toned abs, then it would be a shame to cover your midsection up with a one piece swimsuit.

One piece swimsuits are considered to be more modest than bikinis. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because the mystique of what’s under that swimsuit is very attractive. Plus, if you’ve got nice curves, they will still be prominent in a one piece swimsuit. Some advantages that a one piece has over a bikini are that it gives you the leeway to hide to participate in any water sport as well as hide any imperfections on your body so that you can feel more confident, and a confident girl is a sexy girl.

We’ve barely even scratched the surface on this debate. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of bikinis vs. one piece swimsuits in the context of which one is the sexier swimwear. There’s much to be said, so let’s get into it.

Is showing more skin sexier?

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If a naked woman is extremely attractive (she is), then a bikini gets her already about 90% of the way there. Some bikinis use more fabric in their design for more skin coverage, but for the most part bikinis are very revealing and don’t leave much to the imagination.

Following the assumption that showing more skin is sexier, then bikinis would be the sexier option over a one piece swimsuit. But is this assumption wrong?

What I can say is that there is more nuance to this topic. It really depends on the design of the bikini, your body shape, and how your swimsuit (bikini or one piece) fits you. If your swimsuit accentuates your curves, then it will be very attractive compared to one that doesn’t. For you that might be a bikini, but for another woman a one piece might be the answer. This is a cop out answer, but it’s true.

Cultural and social perception

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Another consideration is the cultural aspect. A hundred years ago, women were expected to be fully covered up when swimming. Back in the day, a “swimsuit” was literally a dress with pantaloons. The idea of a bikini, heck, even a one piece swimsuit was considered scandalous.

Nowadays, both the bikini and one piece swimsuit are accepted as the norm. Even young girls are allowed to wear bikinis. However, while the one piece swimsuit seems to be accepted by most, there are still those who consider a bikini to be scandalous. These people are usually religious and were taught that modesty is a virtue, so seeing a woman in a bikini would have the opposite effect on them.

They may use words like “sl*t”, “wh*re”, “b*tch”, usually preceded by the word “attention-seeking” or “gold-digging” to describe women who are confident and proud enough of their body to wear a bikini. Even if not taken to such extremes, there is still an undercurrent of religious indignance from religious people who want to control you or who maybe are jealous of how sexy you are.

Even some people who are not religious don’t want to outwardly admit that they find bikinis attractive. Guys don’t want to be labeled as “shallow” or “horny” so they may downplay how attracted they are to a girl in a bikini. Girls don’t want to be called the usual demeaning, objectifying insults hurled at women, so they might also want to avoid wearing it or saying anything positive about the bikini.

To a section of the population, showing too much skin would actually have the opposite effect, but to everyone else, bikinis are very sexy. The question is, are they sexier than a one piece?

Does wearing a one piece swimsuit make you a prude?

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Rewind time by a little over a century, and even a one piece swimsuit would be considered scandalous, let alone a bikini. Yet by modern standards, a one piece swimsuit seems to be accepted by nearly everyone as modest, but bikinis have not yet reached the level of near universal acceptance that the one piece swimsuit has.

One piece swimsuits are so mainstream that even little girls and older women are wearing them. As I mentioned, it has become the standard for women’s bathing suits, and you are unlikely to find anything more modest than that besides a full body wetsuit.

As a young woman, you may even feel that you are holding yourself back by wearing a one piece swimsuit. Why would you wear a one piece if other women are wearing bikinis and getting most of the attention? Do you feel pressured to wear a bikini? Does wearing a one piece swimsuit make you a prude?

No. In fact, one can argue that wearing a one piece swimsuit is just as sexy, if not sexier than a bikini for the average woman.

One piece swimsuits have sexy designs too

If you find yourself thinking that one piece swimsuits are somehow not sexy and not able to get people to do a double take, girl, you’re just wearing the wrong ones.

Modern one pieces come in a variety of designs, features, and with accessories that can highlight the unique features on your body in a stunning way.

You could get a one piece with a high cut on the leg, a deep V-neck to show off some cleavage, or get one with extra fabric if you prefer the frilliness, or one with designs that highlight your curves, all while hiding any imperfections on your body.

Presentation matters a lot, and a one piece swimsuit gives you more options to work with. Since nobody’s body is perfect (don’t trust magazine covers or social media, the photos have all been Photoshopped), a one piece can allow you to hide your imperfections in a similar way. This will give you the confidence to be yourself, and confidence adds to your sexiness.

Besides, if you’ve got nice curves, you won’t be able to hide it. Even in a one piece, those curves will be visible, especially if you wear a monokini.

You can be more active in a one piece

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When you’re wearing a bikini, you can’t really do anything. You can’t really swim laps at a pool, dive off a dive board, or be as active as you would like to be.

They are beautiful to look at, but functionally they are not very useful. A one piece swimsuit, on the other hand, is a great option if you want to look good and be active.

If you want to go surfing, play beach volleyball, go snorkeling, freediving, or do any other intense water sport, you can do all of that in a one piece, but not a bikini.

Attempting these in a bikini would result in your top or bottoms slipping off and washing ashore. You’d get a lot of attention, sure, but that’s not the kind of attention you’d want.

Which do you think is sexier: a girl in a bikini that just stands around hoping to get noticed, or a girl in a one piece who is being adventurous and athletic, spiking volleyballs, riding 10 ft waves, and exploring underwater to her heart’s content? I think most people would agree that the girl in the one piece sounds more exciting, fun, and sexy than the one in the bikini.

Parting words

At the end of the day, are one piece swimsuits sexier than bikinis? I would argue that due to how versatile one pieces are, yes they are. You can get a one piece in a design that accentuates your curves and is as alluring as a bikini.

Where the one piece surpasses the bikini is that you can actually move around while wearing one. It’s not something worn just for looks. If a girl wants to play volleyball, go swimming, or go surfing in a one piece, they sure as heck can, and they’ll look gorgeous while doing so.

A girl in a bikini would have to just stay on the sidelines, and that just isn’t as sexy as the girl who is the center of attention actually kicking ass and taking names. That said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plus, nothing is stopping you from owning multiple swimsuits, if you’d like. You can wear a bikini one day, and a one piece another. Either way, a sexy girl is sexy no matter what swimsuit she wears, but I personally give the edge to one piece swimsuits.

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with men wearing one piece swimsuits. Maybe someday in the future it won’t be as taboo as it currently is.