Can You Wear a Bikini to a Water Park?

Can You Wear a Bikini to a Water Park

If you’re heading to a water park with friends, you’re probably thinking about all the exciting water slides, pools, and other fun activities you can do instead of something mundane like the dress code. That said, if you want your trip to go smoothly without any issues, it’s important to think about what you’re going to wear.

With how scorching hot the summer days are, you are probably thinking of wearing a bikini to a water park. Sure, you are allowed to do that, but there are some things to keep in mind. One issue is that when you’re going down a water slide, it’s very easy for your top to fly off. Another issue is how exposed you are to the sun. Remember to apply plenty of sunscreen on yourself periodically, or you will get more than just a bikini tan.

Keep in mind, even though bikinis are generally allowed, not all of them are. Each water park has their own regulations on what can and can’t be worn, and it is at the staff’s discretion as to what’s allowed or not. Generally speaking, your bikini must not be too revealing because there could be families with young children at the park. That means no thong or string bikinis. Basically, anything that can be worn at a swimming pool is probably allowed, and anything that can’t, isn’t.

In this article, we will go over what kind of clothing you should prepare when going to the water park, because there is a lot more to pack than simply a bikini. We also discuss what you should keep in mind when wearing a bikini at a water park so you can stay covered up and safe.

What is appropriate wear for a water park?

Can You Wear a Bikini to a Swimming Pool

To reiterate, bikinis in general are allowed in water parks. In fact, it may even be the preferred bathing suit for women at the water park, even moreso than a one piece swimsuit.

To offer another perspective, Men’s Speedos are also allowed (though most guys will probably wear board shorts or long swim trunks), and that has even less coverage than a bikini yet it is acceptable.

That’s because for a Speedo, it has enough fabric to more cover a man’s junk and his buttocks. In comparison, thong bikinis and string bikinis have even less fabric than a Speedo which would reveal even more skin, including a woman’s buttocks, so those are a no-go.

We can start to get an idea for what’s acceptable by using a Speedo as the limit test. Obviously if you just have a regular bikini, or one with even more fabric, then you should be safe.

With that said, you also should bring plenty of regular clothing, towels, and perhaps even a cover up for your bikini. That’s because any areas outside of the water park will require you to be wearing regular clothes, or at least covering up your swimwear.

So bring plenty of comfortable, fast-drying clothing that you can easily slip in and out of for the optimal experience.

Is wearing a bikini to a water park practical?

Some of the benefits of wearing a bikini to the water park include: getting a bikini tan, getting guys’ attention, feeling good about how amazing you look, looking good for photos, and staying cool.

That said, there are some downsides to wearing a bikini at the water park that you may not realize. Consider these potential problems:

  • You need to apply even more sunscreen. Bikinis don’t provide much coverage but that’s kind of the point. That also means it doesn’t offer much sun protection compared to a one piece swimsuit. To compensate, you’d have to use even more sunscreen to protect your exposed mid-section, and that means you’re going to go through a lot of sunscreen really quickly. You have to remember the re-apply sunscreen every hour or so, which can be even more of a pain when you’re wearing a bikini.
  • The bikini top can fly off . Many young boys and seedy older men love to wait at the bottom of the water slide, hoping to catch a peek of an unsuspecting girl’s bikini top flying off, so that they can satisfy some of their perverted desires. If you’re going to go on a water slide, make sure your bikini top is firmly secured on your body before heading down.
  • You may be limited in what activities you can do. Bikinis are more for lounging around and looking nice than any practical purpose. If you really want to be active, you run the risk of your bikini top or bottom flying off. Furthermore, you may not be able to put in your best effort if, in the back of your mind, you’re worried about losing a piece of your bikini. It can really take the fun out of an activity.
  • You may attract unwanted attention. Girls are attractive, and an almost naked girl (i.e. a girl in a bikini) is sure to turn heads. If you’re getting the attention of some young, attractive, and respectful guys, then great. The problem is when some creepy older guy or an aggressive younger guy locks their sights on you and harasses you or makes creepy comments. Similarly, a “Karen” might take issue and start berating you for wearing something too revealing in front of her kids.

Perhaps a more modest swimsuit, such as a one piece swimsuit, would prevent these situations from occurring. Plus, depending on who you ask, one piece swimsuits might even be sexier than a bikini.

Look up the water park’s dress code

At the end of the day, the most accurate way for you to determine if a type of bikini is allowed at the water park is to look up their dress code or call in to confirm what’s allowed. We’ve done a lot of generalizing, and while what we said does apply to many water parks, it perhaps does not apply to all.

To ensure your trip isn’t ruined because some extremely conservative water park manager decides your bikini is too skimpy, it’s better to err on the side of caution and either confirm that what you’re wearing is okay by doing a bit of research, or wear something with more coverage.

Common sense plays a role as well. Obviously something like a string bikini or thong bikini is very sexual by nature, and that’s not allowed in a family-friendly environment. Wear a modest bikini that provides more coverage to be safe. Also consider wearing a tankini or a one piece swimsuit if you’re unsure if a bikini is too revealing.

At the end of the day, you can wear a bikini to a water park. Just make sure you’re aware of the downsides. Prepare lots of sunscreen, towels, a cover up, comfortable change of clothes, flip flops, and make sure the bikini top and bottom is tied securely on yourself so that they won’t fly off unexpectedly. Do these things and you should be good to go.