Can You Wear a Bikini to a Swimming Pool?

Can You Wear a Bikini to a Swimming Pool

If you’re heading to the beach or to a pool party at a friend’s house, then you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Ideally, you should be wearing appropriate swimwear, not shorts or a T-shirt, or workout clothes, or regular clothes in general. But at a pool party or beach, I don’t think anybody cares enough to say anything.

At a public swimming pool, you are subject to the swimming pool’s dress code. Swimming pool staff enforce a dress code to ensure the pool remains clean and family-friendly. Thankfully, bikinis are still considered appropriate swimwear, though thong/string bikinis are out of the question. In a similar vein, any bikinis with extremely revealing designs or ones that are see-through are also not allowed.

Essentially, all it takes is a little bit of common sense to figure out what is appropriate and what isn’t. The dress code applies to not just adults, but kids as well. Dress codes apply to water parks as well. If you’re unsure, specifically look up the pool’s rules or ask one of the staff. Even though bikinis are generally allowed, a better question is: should you still wear it over a one-piece bathing suit?

In this article, we will be discussing the topic of wearing a bikini to a swimming pool; what are some good reasons for doing so, and why would you do it over wearing a one-piece? When are bikinis not allowed in swimming pools?

What is appropriate swimwear for swimming pools?

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As a general rule, you cannot wear regular clothes or even workout clothes to the pool. You must wear attire that is specifically designed to be worn in the water.

This is not an arbitrary rule; it is actually a very practical one. Regular clothes absorb too much water which weighs you down and restricts your movement, making it a safety hazard. They also deteriorate in the water, which can cause lint or strands of fabric to clog up the pool filters.

Yet another factor is that your swimwear must also be family-friendly. Some swimsuits are too revealing and would probably get a lot of positive attention at the beach.  At a pool where little children are going with their parents, it’s not as socially acceptable to wear a thong bikini, for example.

With that said, bikinis or two piece swimsuits in general are allowed in swimming pools. In a similar vein, Speedos for men are also allowed. What’s important is that it is family friendly, meaning the bathing suit still provides enough coverage of your private parts.

You must also ensure that the bikini fits well so that you don’t accidentally lose a top or bottom. This also means you can’t use the dive board, because that is just asking for your swimwear to fly off.

You may get in trouble if your swimsuit fails to cover your private bits and staff think you are an exhibitionist or some kind of pervert.

At the end of the day, the people who determine what swimwear is appropriate are the people managing the pool. It is at their discretion to kick you out for wearing swimwear they deem is “inappropriate.”

The pool staff’s attitude may also be influenced by local laws as well as the attitude of the local community (highly religious states or cities will be less lenient), so your mileage may vary with regards to the kinds of bikinis are allowed in swimming pools.

Why wear a bikini to the pool?

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Bikinis aren’t the best for swimming laps or doing any sort of water exercise, but if you just want to look good while leisurely lounging around, then that is your right to do so.

The swimming pool isn’t the greatest place to meet guys, but if you’re with your friends and want to impress a certain guy, then a bikini could be a great option. Otherwise, you might only end up attracting the attention of younger boys or seedy older men.

Many women also wear bikinis at outdoor pools so that they can get bikini tan lines. Just make sure you don’t spend too long in the sun, otherwise you might get more than just a tan.

If you’re proud of your body and worked hard at dieting and exercising to get it in shape for the summer, then show off your progress by wearing a bikini for the whole world to marvel at your chiseled body. Why limit your bikini-wearing to only the beach?

As long as you’re aware of the limitations that a bikini places on you with regards to not being able to exercise as easily in one, then by all means, feel free to wear a bikini to the pool. Just make sure it’s not a thong bikini, and you should be good.

Why shouldn’t you wear a bikini to the pool?

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Just because you can wear a bikini to the pool doesn’t mean it’s a great option. You should consider what you’re trying to do at the pool.

If exercising is the main goal, bikinis are not a good choice. They are not guaranteed to stay on your body during rigorous exercise, and you don’t want to spend the whole time worrying about if your bikini top or bottom is about to come off. Stick to one piece swimsuits if you need to exercise.

Furthermore, if your goal is to try to pick up a guy, I think wearing a bikini at the beach would be a better option. Swimming pools are family friendly places and there are too many parents and children around. It might even feel somewhat inappropriate if you notice a young boy ogling you, because he has never seen such a voluptuous woman before.

Furthermore, if you are extremely self-conscious about your body due to imperfections such as a scar, stretch marks, or because you have a muffin top body, then a one piece swimsuit will provide ample coverage so that you don’t have to feel so self-conscious.

On the other hand, if you’re hanging out with friends and just plan on sunbathing or lounging around, then sure, bikinis are a great choice. If you’re just confident in your body no matter what your shape and size is and just want to wear a bikini, then all the more power to you.

Parting words

Yes, you can wear a bikini to a swimming pool as long as it doesn’t break any rules. In other words, your bikini must not be too revealing, it must be family friendly, and it must cover your private parts.

That said, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you plan on swimming laps, one piece swimsuits are a much better option than bikinis. If your goal is to impress and attract guys, or to get bikini tan lines, better to do it at the beach than at the swimming pool.

However, as long as you’re following the rules, the decision to wear a bikini at the pool or not is up to you.