How Should a Speedo Fit?

how should a speedo fit

No matter what your body shape is, you need to make sure that your swimsuit fits you tight so that it won’t create unnecessary drag or restrict your movement. A poorly fitted swimsuit can slow you down or possibly even slide off as it stretches out.

The general recommendation is that you should size down on your swimwear, and that tip applies to Speedos as well. For example, if you normally wear waist size 34 pants, consider getting Speedos that are waist size 32 or even 30 for competitions. Essentially, your Speedo should not be baggy at all; there should be minimal stretch when you pull on it.

Again using waist size 34 as the reference point, some swimmers have even sized down to a 28, some as low as 26 for competitions. Perhaps that might be too extreme, because at that size they had to take off their Speedo between events as it was so uncomfortable. But this just gives you an idea of how extreme some swimmers are willing to go.

If you are not a competitive swimmer and just want to wear a Speedo casually at the beach or pool, you can consider wearing a size that is close to what you’d normally wear. However, you should still size down slightly, since swimsuits naturally stretch when wet.

In this article, we will go over how you can determine if a Speedo is the right fit for you, including how you can properly measure yourself. We will also answer some of the more embarrassing questions people have asked regarding Speedo etiquette so that you do not commit any social faux pas.

How to take measurements

Since Speedos need to fit tight (and sizing your swimwear through trial and error is not recommended), you need to know your measurements and refer to the Speedo sizing chart to ensure you are getting one that is appropriate for you.

Unfortunately, taking measurements can be a bit tough, so here are our tips to help you get the most accurate measurement.

  • Use soft measuring tape. You know the measuring tapes that tailors use? Yeah, use those. Don’t use plastic or metallic rulers, and don’t use the retractable ones that a contractor would use.
  • Get someone else to measure you. It’s hard to get an accurate measurement yourself. Your hands can slip or you can read the measurement wrong. Get a friend or family member to help you out.
  • Pull the measuring tape snug. You were probably going to do this anyway without our insistence, because who wants their waist measurements to be bigger than they actually are? Wrap the measuring tape tight, and measure as close to the skin as possible. If you are getting measured with clothes on, then you need to factor in the thickness of the fabric to get a more accurate measurement.
  • Do not indent the skin. Don’t get too carried away with the above step. We all wish we had the waist measurements of a person 15 pounds lighter than us, but that does you no favors when you’re trying to pick the right Speedo size. Do not indent the skin by over-tightening the measuring tape.

Where to take measurements?

A good place to take your measurement is approximately one inch below your belly button. If you have not measured yourself in a few months, I recommend measuring again as your weight can fluctuate. Do not rely on past measurements, and do not rely on your pants size.

For example, if you normally wear waist size 34 pants, that might be a 32 in a swimsuit. Regular pants are not designed to fit as tight as a Speedo will.

Once you have your measurement, it’s good to check the Speedo sizing chart to see which size you correspond to. You might even want to size down because Speedos will stretch when wet, so buying one that is true to size might actually be a little big once you’re underwater.

How tight should Speedos fit?

Depending on if you’re a competitive swimmer or not, the tightness can range from tight to extremely tight. If you’re a casual swimmer, it does not need to be nearly as tight. Here are some tips to help you determine a good fit.

Your Speedo is too loose if:

Conversely, your Speedo is too tight if:

  • It is digging painfully into your skin and cutting off circulation.
  • Your range of motion is being restricted.
  • It creates a muffin-top above your waist.

Frequently asked questions

Is it normal to get wedgies while wearing a Speedo?

Yes, expect wedgies to happen occasionally. There’s no way around this. Wearing a looser fitting Speedo is not the solution to this problem as it introduces new problems. Just adjust when you need to and move on with your life.

That said, your Speedos should not be so far up your butt-crack that it looks like a G-string; then you know that your Speedos are way too small.

Do I need to shave my pubic hair to wear a Speedo?

Unless you’re a competitive swimmer, there’s no reason to shave anything in order to go swimming.

However, even as a casual beach or poolgoer, if you have a massive bush that is clearly visible, you should probably shave your pubes so people don’t get mad at you for your indecency.

Another reason is if you are afraid of your pubic hair yanked out by the Speedo as it shifts around, then give it a shave.

Can I wear my Speedo as underwear?

Sure you can, and it’s not like anybody is going to know unless you tell them. However, should you?

Speedos are made from different materials than regular boxers or tighty whities. Expect your Speedos to not be as absorbent and breathable due to the materials it’s made of.

If you really like the feel of wearing Speedos and want to emuate that feeling with boxer briefs, then find out what materials your Speedo is made of and get boxers made with the same fabric.

How do I keep my junk from falling out of my Speedo?

If you are well-endowed and are having trouble keeping your junk in your Speedo, then either the Speedo is not a good fit for you, or you are just too much of a freak of nature.

A loose fitting Speedo will not keep your package secure, so consider sizing down if that’s the case. A Speedo that is too small may have too little fabric to hold your wiener, so size up slightly.

Furthermore, you can try looking for swim briefs that have more contoured pouches to accommodate your large dong.

What do I do if I get a stiffy while wearing a Speedo?

Hey, it happens. Women’s bathing suits are just getting skimpier by the year, and it’s hard not to notice.

If this is seriously a concern, then you can try rubbing one out before you head to the beach. Or you can try to negate your arousal by thinking about something that turns you off. Imagine the smell of a dumpster or roadkill or something like that.

You can also try to divert your blood flow elsewhere. Try flexing your glutes and quads or going for a quick jog or some other exercise. Stay away from push-ups, though. Blood will flow from your junk to your other muscle groups as you get a nice pump going, and your problem will be solved.