Can You Wear Swim Shorts Over One Piece Swimsuit?

Can You Wear Swim Shorts Over One Piece Swimsuit

Many women are concerned about how revealing women’s swimsuits are. Even something “conservative” like a one piece swimsuit still reveals a large portion of their legs which some women are understandably not comfortable with.

Even though modern society has accepted one piece swimsuits and bikinis as normal, that doesn’t mean you have to conform to wearing such revealing swimsuits if you don’t want to. There are other types of swimsuits that cover more of your body, and when it comes to one piece swimsuits, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of swim trunks over it.

There are many benefits to wearing swim shorts over a one piece swimsuit. The most obvious is that if you’re insecure about wearing such a revealing swimsuit, then they will cover more of your legs while still ensuring you look good. This can give you the confidence to go about your day at the beach or pool without worry. Covering more of your body up also provides UV protection and can also hide any stains that can result from periods.

That said, there are also some downsides to this. Getting another piece of swimwear is an added cost and also another item you could potentially lose while vacationing. Swim shorts will also increase drag underwater so they are not ideal for swimming in. Some guys will find your swim shorts over a one piece very cute, but some other guys might find a girl wearing shorts at the beach to be off-putting (ignore these people).

At the end of the day, you can wear a pair of swim shorts over a one piece swimsuit. If you keep reading on, we will go over in more detail all of the pros and cons of doing so so that you can make the most informed decision on this matter.

Alternatives to revealing swimsuits

If you’re looking up if it’s okay to wear shorts over a one piece swimsuit, then you likely have an issue with how revealing swimsuit bottoms are.

Some women, particularly younger girls, don’t think of this as a problem because they want to show more skin to attract more attention. I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept of “if you got it, flaunt it.” If that mantra doesn’t appeal to you, that is also understandable, and thankfully there are ways you can still look good while dressing modestly.

Wearing a pair of swim shorts or board shorts over a one piece swimsuit is just one option. You can actually just buy one piece shorts, otherwise known as jumpsuits or bodysuits. This way, instead of two separate items, you have just the one which is ideal for travel.

You can even buy full body skin suits/dive skins/rash guards if you want to cover up nearly your entire body. This is great for the ultimate sun protection which allows you to keep sunscreen use to a minimum while still staying safe. With your whole body covered up, it can even provide some superficial protection against jellyfish stings and corals.

However, if you already one a regular one piece swimsuit and don’t want that to go to waste, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pair of swim shorts and just wearing that over your swimsuit. Furthermore, this gives you the option to take off the shorts whenever you feel like it.

What about board shorts?

Why have we only mentioned swim shorts and not board shorts? If swim shorts are fine, then surely board shorts are too? It depends on the context, because any issues swim shorts have are only exacerbated with board shorts since board shorts to have a longer length.

For example, while board shorts cover even more of your legs, the downside is that it creates even more drag underwater. Furthermore, many board shorts do not have built-in mesh lining which could help reduce chafing of the inner thighs. They are definitely not intended for swimming or treading water in. However, they are perfectly fine to wear for a casual day outdoors.

Why cover your swimsuit bottom with shorts?

Look more modest

Maybe you come from a more conservative background or you just don’t like wearing something that makes it easy to objectify you, so you want to cover yourself up a bit more at the beach or pool. That said, you can look modest and still look good.

Swim shorts are at the sweet spot of helping you look more modest while still looking attractive. Since swimsuit bottoms are basically the equivalent of getting a free pass to look at a woman basically wearing panties in public, then swim shorts are, well, like looking at a woman wearing shorts.

Regular swimwear is too easily sexualized, whereas shorts are tastefully attractive. You can still show off your legs without showing your buttocks. You can still look pretty and cute without being labeled all of the demeaning things that more conservative people say about women wearing revealing swimsuits.

Boost your confidence

If showing too much skin makes you feel insecure and self-conscious, then finally getting a swimsuit that provides ample coverage will make you feel confident like never before.

You can finally be free to enjoy the beach or pool without that doubting voice in the back of your head telling you you’re not pretty or curvy enough to pull off wearing a one piece swimsuit.

Even if the issue has nothing to do with body image, but how others treat you, then this can be a huge benefit as well. Maybe in a one piece you might get some unwanted comments about your butt, but with swim shorts on you are less likely to have some random guy comment about your butt cheeks.

Sun protection

If you have more swimwear with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating covering your body, then unsurprisingly, you have even more UV protection than with just a one piece swimsuit alone.

Do not underestimate how deadly the sun’s UV rays are. In addition to causing a nasty sunburn, it can also rapidly accelerate aging as well as give you skin cancer which rapidly accelerates your life.

Many people make the mistake of not applying enough sunscreen evenly as well as not reapplying it every hour or so. Just because your swimwear has a UPF rating does not mean you are safe. Any exposed areas are susceptible to UV rays, so remember to apply sunscreen frequently.

Handle periods better

When it’s that time of the month, are you just going to forbid yourself from going to the water? There are better ways of dealing with periods than that.

To deal with your menstrual flow, you can use a tampon, menstrual cup, or period-proof swimwear. A menstrual pad is not effective underwater, since it will end up absorbing all of the saltwater, but can be used if you plan to stay on dry land.

That’s right, a regular tampon can be effective even underwater. The secret is that when you are submerged, the water pressure can help keep the tampon lodged inside so that it’s still doing its job, making it more effective than a menstrual pad if you plan on going into the water.

However, as effective as these solutions are, they are not foolproof, so being prepared for some leakage will save you from a lot of embarrassment. Where do swim shorts come into the equation?

If some menstrual fluid ends up leaking out and staining your swimsuit, swim shorts will be an extra layer that masks any stains so that you can either: a) continue having fun and hope it doesn’t stain through that, or b) give yourself some time to go to the bathroom and cleanup without anyone being any wiser to the fact that you’re actually dealing with your period.

Can you swim in shorts?

You can certainly try, but it’s not recommended. Swim shorts are obviously better suited to being worn in the water compared to cotton shorts, but that’s still not an endorsement.

It won’t absorb as much water but it still will, plus it can get in your way and it will increase drag underwater which slows you down. The end result is that it will be harder for you to swim because of the extra resistance that you’ll experience underwater.

It’s not as big of a deal if you’re just taking a quick dip, but anybody who gets into the water at the beach should be prepared to swim in case they get pulled out by a riptide. We recommend taking off your swim shorts when you’re swimming in the ocean.

Parting words

There are no rules that girls can’t wear swim shorts/board shorts over their one piece bathing suits. As long as you are aware of the pros and cons and have determined that this is the right choice for you, then go for it.

To any girls that feel like they are being prudes for wearing shorts over their one piece, stop that train of thought. If you think you can look good in regular shorts, you can look good in swim shorts. It’s basically the same idea, so don’t feel like you’re doing yourself a disservice when it comes to looking good.

If you think wearing shorts over a one piece is cumbersome, you can specifically buy one piece shorts or even a full body rash guard to cover more of your body with just one swimsuit rather than two separate pieces.

Give these tips a try, and I’m confident that it will make you more confident in yourself at the pool or beach and you’ll still look darn good to boot.

Photo Credits: Gareth Williams (CC BY 2.0)