Things to Do With Pool Noodles: Fun and Creative Uses

Things to Do with Pool Noodles: Fun and Creative Uses

Pool noodles are a staple of summertime fun, but did you know that these versatile tubes of foam can be used for much more than just floating around in the pool? From crafts to practical hacks, pool noodles have an endless range of potential uses that can entertain your family and improve your life.

In this article, you’ll find creative ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that make use of pool noodles. Be it transforming them into makeshift water hoses or crafting beverage boats following the designs on your preferred arts and crafts website, prepare to be amazed and inspired by the myriad of possibilities that lay ahead.

DIY Pool Noodle Crafts

Pool noodles are versatile and inexpensive materials perfect for creating fun crafts and DIY projects. In this section, we’ll explore three categories of pool noodle crafts: Home Decor, Kids’ Toys, and Party Decorations.

Home Decor

With their vibrant colors and unique texture, pool noodles can be turned into eye-catching home decor items. For instance, try making a pool noodle snowman wreath by using white duct tape, yarn, and winter accessories.

Another idea is to create a beautiful pool noodle lollipop by twisting and wrapping pool noodles with cellophane to display in your garden.

Kids’ Toys

Transform pool noodles into exciting toys for children with a little creativity. Some fun ideas include:

Party Decorations

Pool noodles can be easily repurposed into colorful and festive party decorations. Some examples:

  1. Bend a pool noodle into a circle and secure it with duct tape to create a fun summer-themed wreath for your front door.
  2. Cut pool noodles into various lengths and arrange them like a balloon garland for a splash of color and fun.
  3. Make DIY pool noodle bubble blowers by inserting straws into pool noodle sections and dipping them in bubble solution for endless entertainment.

Pool Noodle Games

Water Activities

Pool Noodle Games

Pool noodles are great for water activities as they are highly buoyant and waterproof. You can create a fun pool noodle raft by using noodles and some rope or heavy string to hold them together. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making a pirate ship raft for an exciting water experience.

Indoor Games

Bring pool noodles inside for some creative indoor games. One popular idea is the pool noodle marble run or Hot Wheels track. By cutting a pool noodle down the middle lengthwise, you’ll have two instant tracks that can be used for racing marbles or toy cars.

Another fun indoor activity is using pool noodles as preschool learning tools for developing motor skills and creativity.

For example, by bending a pool noodle into a circle, taping the ends together, and securing it horizontally against a wall, you have just made a basketball hoop that your children can toss bean bags or soft basketballs into.

Outdoor Games

Pool noodles are perfect for a variety of outdoor games. One engaging activity is the pool noodle obstacle course which can be set up using pool noodles, duct tape, and pencils. This simple setup is guaranteed to entertain kids for hours.

You can also create pool noodle hurdles using skewer sticks to secure the noodles outside, encouraging physical play and exercise.

Exercise and Fitness Tools

Yoga and Pilates

Pool noodles can be a versatile addition to your Yoga and Pilates routines. They can provide extra support and help with balance during challenging poses.

For example, a pool noodle can be placed under your hands during the plank pose to create instability, which challenges your core muscles and helps you develop better balance.

Similarly, you can use a pool noodle as a mini balance beam to practice balance-focused poses such as tree pose.

Aquatic Therapy

What Is a Pool Noodle

Aquatic therapy exercises can benefit from the buoyancy and resistance provided by pool noodles.

One popular exercise is the Noodle Push and Pull. In chest-high water, hold one noodle in each hand with your palms facing down. Start with the noodles just below the surface of the water, close to your chest. Push the noodles away from your body and then pull them back, engaging your upper body muscles. This exercise can be modified for a full body workout by incorporating leg movement.

Balance Training

Pool noodles can be an excellent tool for balance training. An easy way to start is by simply walking on a pool noodle as if it were a balance beam, either on dry land or in shallow water. This will help build your proprioceptive skills and improve your overall sense of balance.

For a more advanced challenge, you can create an obstacle course that tests your balance by cutting several pool noodles into smaller pieces and laying them out randomly on the ground. Navigate through the course by stepping on the noodles without touching the ground. This will not only test your balance but also enhance your agility and coordination.

Safety Applications

Swimming Aids

Pool noodles are excellent swimming aids for both children and adults. They can be used as a flotation device or to practice kicking and paddling techniques. For example, you could make a pool noodle float ring by connecting the ends of a noodle together. Additionally, noodles can be cut into shorter pieces and placed under the arms for extra support and buoyancy.

Padding and Cushioning

Pool noodles provide a versatile padding solution for various safety concerns. They can be used as luggage rack protectors by cutting them open and attaching them over the metal bars to prevent scratches and damage.

Another great use for padding is to place a pool noodle on the edge of a trampoline or playset to prevent injuries from hard surfaces. Remember to always secure the pool noodles with tape, zip ties, or other fastening methods to keep them in place.

Baby Proofing

Baby proofing becomes much easier and cost-effective with the help of pool noodles. They can be used as door stoppers by fitting a section of a pool noodle on the edge of a door to prevent slamming and pinched fingers. They can also be used to cover sharp edges of furniture or block access to dangerous areas, like staircases.

You can also turn pool noodles into barriers for toddlers who might be at risk of falling out of bed. Simply attach a pool noodle lengthwise along the edge of the bed, using straps or fitted sheets to keep it in place. This creates a soft and gentle barrier to keep little ones safe during their sleep.

Storage and Organization

Garage Solutions

Pool noodles can assist in de-cluttering your garage by creating efficient storage solutions. For example, you can cut short lengths of pool noodles to fit a plastic bin, with a bungee cord threaded through the center, keeping them snug against the sides. This provides a handy way to store and carry various items.

If you have an abundance of pool noodles just laying around, consider using them as upright storage for sports equipment, like bats or hockey sticks, in a freestanding sports organizer.

Garden Hacks

Pool noodles can also play a role in your garden with creative storage hacks. One idea is to construct a DIY outdoor storage bin by adding hooks to the front for towels and bathing suits, and using the sides to store pool toys out of direct sunlight (One Crazy House).

Alternatively, transform a plastic container and pool noodles into a nifty floating cooler or wine rack for your poolside relaxation.

Closet Organizers

Bring organization to your closets with pool noodles! You can repurpose them as custom hangers to preserve the shape of your clothing, prevent creases, and even help dry wet garments.

Simply cut a pool noodle to the desired length, make a slit, and place a hanger inside. Your closet will stay tidy, and your clothes will maintain their shape. Pool noodles can also be used as a fun card holder, kiddie car wash, or as materials for various crafts.

Miscellaneous Home Projects

Pool noodles are not only great for fun in the pool, but they can also be used for various home projects. To cap off this article, we’ll explore a few creative ways you can use pool noodles around the house.

One ingenious idea is to create a cushion for your garage walls to prevent car door dings. Simply cut pool noodles to the appropriate length and attach them along the wall with strong adhesive or screws.

Pool noodles can also be used as DIY draft stoppers for doors and windows. Cut the noodle to fit the width of the gap, and place it along the bottom of a door or window to keep drafts at bay.

In addition, you can build a pool noodle race track for your kids’ toy cars. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and attach the two halves side by side, creating a racetrack shape. Your kids will love racing their cars on this fun and bouncy track.

Lastly, pool noodles make excellent cable organizers. Instead of letting cords and cables tangle, cut slits in a pool noodle, and insert the cords to keep them neat and tidy.

These simple DIY home projects are just a few of the many creative ways you can repurpose pool noodles. So next time you have some extra noodles lying around, consider using them for a practical and fun project!

Photo Credit: Saigon Soul, CC BY 2.0