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Snorkeling is a great way for curious adventurers to get a glimpse into what the underwater creatures and ecosystem is like. It requires minimal training and gear, unlike scuba diving. Furthermore, in tropical climates, snorkeling is a very popular activity. Selecting snorkeling gear is easy, and people who rarely snorkel can simply rent equipment at hotels or local scuba stores.

The basic gear you need to snorkel are the mask, snorkel, and fins. Depending on how cold the water and wind is, you may also want to wear a wetsuit to keep warm. The most important piece is a properly-fitting mask. Without it, water will keep rush in and obscure your vision. Next, the snorkel allows you to breath while looking down towards the water.

Lastly, the fins should be flexible and lightweight. They protect the feet from sea animals and sharp coral, and can help you swim better. Even though snorkeling is relatively safe, it is recommended you snorkel with at least one other person just in case.